Feed Your Console Review – L.A. Noire

Feed Your Console says:

Rockstar is one of those companies that announces games and people immediately sit up and take notice. L.A. Noire, the joint effort from Team Bondi and Rockstar is no different. As one of the more highly anticipated titles this year. Noire hopes to leave an impression on gamers and quite an impression it is.

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gillri4338d ago (Edited 4338d ago )

good good, always knew this would be a winner from its announcement a few years ago

they gave Crysis 2 an 8 and CoD :BO an 8.5

I agree with those scores so it looks as though we have another RDR on ours hands

although I dont think it will sell quite as well

fluffydelusions4338d ago

So what is that so far 2 10/10 and one 9.5/10. Sounding good so far!

ps3bestever4338d ago (Edited 4338d ago )

GOTY Contender

retrofly4338d ago

Good review, will be interesting to see what the big boys say about it.

YodaCracker4338d ago (Edited 4338d ago )

Breaking the 6:00 PM BST/12:00 PM EDT review embargo, are we "feedyourconsole"?

kingdavid4338d ago

Review embargoes are a load of crap anyway imo.

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The story is too old to be commented.