Joystiq - Dead Island preview: Reality bites

Joystiq writes: Following our initial look at Dead Island back at GDC, I recently got our first chance to play the game for real. And "real" is the appropriate word here. Despite the zombies, wacky weapon combinations and a creepy Lost vibe, Dead Island does a lot to emphasize the reality of your admittedly unbelievable situation.

It starts right away in the demo, with an opening first-person cinematic that has my character living it up at one of the island's clubs, as signs of the big Z start to appear at the corners of my blurred, drunken vision. Is that woman just resting in the booth over there or is that blood near her head? Wait -- did that man just bite his date? Eventually, I'm too drunk to tell or even care, passing out in a nearby corner. This is when the game proper starts.

Wizziokid4524d ago (Edited 4524d ago )

" I come across a pickup truck (and Kummer suggests I hop in to make the journey faster, and presumably safer). Though I'm able to aim the car at some walking corpses for a few good splats, the driving feels hyperrealistic -- more twitchy and uneven than your standard video game driving experience. One crash, for example, shatters my windshield, blocking visibility for a few moments before Xian Mei sticks her foot over the wheel and kicks the broken glass out of the way.!

that sounds awesome, the games sounds overall like it's shaping up well. I just can't wait to see some gameplay.

RedDead4524d ago (Edited 4524d ago )

Here is a proper preview, what is with some sites just gathering known info and calling it a preview?

This game sounds like it will be the boss of zombie games

Ya know RPg elements help almost every game they're in...

knifefight4524d ago

Hey now, previewers don't just gather info and call it a preview!

...They also make sure to say that every game will be awesome. You can't forget always calling it awesome. Jeez, man.

fluffydelusions4524d ago

Are they EVER going to release a gameplay video??

Holeran4524d ago

Sounds like it's shaping up to be a great game. Ya the controls might feel a bit clunky but they are probably trying to get you to feel the struggle which can put you even deeper into the game.

DWOM4524d ago (Edited 4524d ago )

Game sounds epic! Can't wait to pre-order it... RPG+Zombies+open-world= BEST ZOMBIE GAME!
It also looks like the game gonna be very realistic... I hope it turns out good!


Dead Island 2 devs believe a Dead Island remake would be a “mistake”

We might be in the age of remasters, but it doesn't look like the Dead Island 2 devs believe remaking the original game is the right move for the series.

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Duke19203d ago

but remakes require far less effort for these companies and they can still charge $70 for them!

Feel like everyone makes fun of Skyrim re-releasing like 18 times yet applaud these remasters elsewhere. Would much prefer NEW games

CrimsonWing69202d ago

Making sequels really is the way to go. Otherwise we'll be stuck playing only the first entry, forever!!!


Dead Island's 2011 reveal is still the best game trailer of all time

Josiah Motley of KnowTechie writes: "I love video game trailers. While I don’t believe they are an integral part of a game’s success (especially these days), there’s something about a well-produced trailer that really just reminds me why I like video games."

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Exvalos614d ago

Also the most misleading of all time

SDuck614d ago

How so? Because it focused on a family that you see dying? (innocent question, haven't gotten a chance to play any Dead Island game yet)

aconnellan613d ago

More the tone of it - the tone of the trailer suggested something personal and dramatic, but the game was very much reminiscent of Left 4 Dead in that you were just there to kill zombies and nothing more

Ashby_JC613d ago

You play as a singular character there is no family involved at all in the game. Still a stand out trailer that I remember clearly from years ago.

Fntastic613d ago (Edited 613d ago )

Did you not like the game?

I remember going in expecting a L4D style of game, but the excessive camera swaying honestly made me feel ill, and it's rare for a game to do that to me, still don't understand why the need for anything other than maybe a subtle slight camera movement when doing melee attacks etc. Other than that i didn't really find the game that good. In all honesty i had more enjoyment out of DNF, and i know many people crap on that game.

BioShockGX613d ago

I still remember this misleading controversy

RickRoland614d ago

It’s the music. It’s perfect. I agree with this for sure, it is well choreographed….unfortunately the game didn’t live up to the trailer.

brewin613d ago

Maybe not, but it was still a good game. I liked how they expanded things with Dying Light, but Dead Island was a great first attempt! I really liked all the Easter eggs and homages to other horror franchises sprinkled throughout. Sure it was a little cheesy and over there top, but it was a good happy medium between Far Cry and Fallout with zombies.

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EmperorDalek614d ago

I'm gonna heavily disagree with that.

CrimsonWing69614d ago

Have you ever seen any of the MGS 3 or MGS 4 trailers? Those blow this out of the water for me.

TricksterArrow613d ago

They require prior knowledge of the franchise, tho. You show this trailer to anyone, and I mean ANYONE, and they can understand what's going on and relate to the family dynamic almost immediately. No need to know who is Snake, or Fox Hound, or Raiden, or Metal Gear...