IGN: Call of Duty 4 PS3 Multiplayer Hands-On and Videos

IGN went hands-on with the PlayStation 3 version of Call of Duty 4 and seen new maps, new modes and plenty of bullets:

"Many curious how Infinity Ward's soon-to-release shooter will play have likely already answered that question for themselves. Xbox 360 owners had the opportunity to play in a rather long-running beta, PC gamers got a single-player demo, and PS3 owners got nothing...awkward. Our latest play session with the game, checking out a new multiplayer map and mode, was with yet-to-be widely seen PS3 version. Not surprisingly, it played almost exactly like the Xbox 360 version. We say almost because we were using a SIXAXIS instead of an Xbox 360 controller, but the gameplay was more or less identical. We'd make graphical comparisons, but there was no Xbox 360 version nearby with which to match up to, and the PC version's multiplayer wasn't on display."

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Douche4067d ago

These vids were a bit crappy. I'd like to see some high-res versions. COD4 is a great game. I don't think that it is what everyone cracks it up to be. But I still think it is gonna be awesome to own and play. But I wouldn't go so far as to put this up on a pedastool when compared to other games that some people fail to admit as greater. *cough* Killzone 2 *cough*

marinelife94067d ago

Can I get a multiplayer game where some doors aren't permanently nailed shut so that even with a shotgun I can't enter them?

C_SoL4067d ago

should i get this or uncharted???

Violater4067d ago

I'm at work, someone tell me how it looks and what to think of it.

Sam Fisher4067d ago

they once said can go against the callaso match making of halo 3 and can beat it.... i played the beta and it was good not exellent but great

mighty_douche4067d ago

looks just like the 360 version and IMO just (JUST) behind the pc. gonna be a kick ass game regardless which platform you choose.

have fun at work! i just finished muhahaha...

Sam Fisher4067d ago

to describe it would be "fun"

AnalFace4067d ago

Hmmm, the best version, i might buy this....

THC CELL4067d ago

ps3 ftw on this call of duty

power0919994067d ago

I played the Beta on 360 and REALLY enjoyed it. It is a lot of fun.

I am up in the air about what cosole I want to get it on though. I prefer the 360 controller for FPS's.

However I like the weight of the PS3 controller.

Either way this game is going to be a lot of fun multiplayer.

gamehendge4067d ago

"With that said, the console similarities end when it comes to textures, lighting and resolutions, because those three areas make the PlayStation 3 version definitely excel over the Xbox 360 SKU."

go with the PS3 version unless the 360 controller is a must.

jiggyjay4067d ago

Get the 360 version because it will have better online.. achievements and better graphics! don't listen to that PS3 fanboy up top!

Hatchetforce4067d ago

By backtracking of other videos on IGN and looking you will notice some severely bad mipmapping in 360 videos. For example look at the one marked "Search and Destroy". Very noticeable at the 14 second mark as you approach the doorway and the brick textures begin to pop into view. And that is just one of several graphical issues.

Sorry you are not jiggy with it jiggy, but any damn fool can look at the lighting in the new videos and see the truth. Fanboy blinders won't help either.

C_SoL4067d ago

see the reviews then choose...5.2 your an idiot. let the man choose.

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