EA's new animation tool only possible on next-gen consoles: Ps3 and Xbox 360

FIFA Street 3 producer explains why the game's only possible on next-gen hardware.

FIFA Street 3 is EA's latest entry in its trick-obsessed arcade football series, but it's only coming to the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. Given that the Wii's motion controllers seem a perfect fit for the fun nature of the game, Pro-G asked FIFA Street 3 producer Joe Nickolls why the team focussed on next-gen hardware.

"The horsepower with the new next-generation consoles, everyone automatically assumes the only thing cool about a next-gen console is how cool it looks and the visuals. But really what it is, is the computing power, and the power under the hood of the game," Nickolls told Pro-G.

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games4fun4721d ago

wii people will be a little angry till they see it was EA talking

gunnerforlife4721d ago

and there doing a great job with it on the ps3(end sarcasm)

zerolinkgannon4721d ago

Raised a eyebrow for a sec..until I seen it was EA. Hey EA, give that animation tool to someone who actually cares about quality games, not just milking the cow.