Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots Preview and Footage

In this preview, Gamespy reports:

"The action starts roughly thirty minutes into the storyline of the game, and Snake's gotten some cues that Liquid Ocelot is encamped in a Middle Eastern country. It's Snake's job to make his way to a rendezvous point on the map while avoiding the AT Corporation's tanks, which are code-named "Irving." Snake calls them "lizards." Speculate as you will. He gets a beep on his codec, which loads up the new video chat-like Codec system. As in Snake Eater, you can fast-forward through the cutscene, or skip it entirely.

You'll still stand, crouch, and crawl with X, but there have been additional gameplay tweaks. For instance, the Square button now modifies your aiming. The game defaults to an auto-aim in the vein of the first MGS on PlayStation, or you can hit Square, and in a dose of irony, the camera reverts to the Splinter Cell-style over-the-shoulder camera. Triangle acts as a context-sensitive button for picking up enemies, interacting with the environment, and also for attaching to walls and blending into them. You'll still pick items with the secondary shoulder buttons, so your new oil barrel and trusty rations can still be found on the left side, while your armaments are on the right side..."

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HeartlesskizZ4015d ago

that robot has every type of gadgets. I hope it also includes a Rocket launcher =)

Almighty4015d ago

No longer interested in this game. It just doesn't look fresh.

solidboss4015d ago

"No longer interested in this game. It just doesn't look fresh."
your words no longer matter in this topic jus move along now...

Sam Fisher4015d ago

i think this is the best game on sony powerstation ...B3YOND...

THC CELL4015d ago

And halo 3 dose?

This game looks awesome

and i want 1 of them mk robots

AngryHippo4015d ago

nothing to do with it, sick of hearing about that f-ing game from microsoft fanboys and sony fanboys. It came out, sold well, let it go. Lets look forward to great games on both systems.

akaFullMetal4015d ago

god i cant wait for this game, looks so good, and especially where your going to be fighting liquid ocelot with the metal gears against each other, rex vs mantis, sweet!!!!

HarryEtTubMan4015d ago

Sorry guys I have Halo 3 and I would put any amount of money that this will absolutely RAPE Halo 2.25 in all categorys. Seriously Snake will bend Power Ranger Master Chump over and let him have it. This game will be amazing. We already know before it even comes out thats whats so awesome! I wonder if it can actually go B 3 Y O N D our expectations!

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The story is too old to be commented.