Sony Gives Update on Why PSN Has Gone Down Again

PlayStation Network users have been experiencing the PS3′s online service go down yet again just recently. Users from Europe as well as North America have stated they are still seeing the PlayStation Network is down for maintenance message. Sony has now given an official update regarding the message.

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Hellsvacancy3724d ago (Edited 3724d ago )

“Please bear with us as we continue working on PSN restoration. We are experiencing extremely heavy traffic.” No sh!t Sherlock

MaxXAttaxX3723d ago

Too much PSN love LOL

It's hard to contain ourselves from not signing in all at once the moment we heard it was back on :P

Foliage3723d ago

I have just connected with 7 Reference Kits, and 1 Test Kit. It is up on the developer end at least, up here in Canada.

I wonder if these users changed their passwords?

For development purposes, I just created whole new users and PSN accounts.

Anon19743723d ago

Yeah, I'm in Canada too. I got in fine last night, also no problems this morning.

Welshy3724d ago

im in the UK, signed it perfectly at first, but ended up "under maintenance" again for a couple of hours there, and now its back again lol

to be expected i guess, the just rebuilt the entire system and literally the entire world is trying to get onto a brand new server almost simultaneously.

it'll come with time, should be back in full swing by the end of the week hopefully =)

Max_Dissatisfaction3723d ago

Literally huh? The whole world you say?

Redgehammer3723d ago

Umm, maybe He meant literally in the figurative sense, or better yet; Never go up against a Sicilian when death is on the line.

Scyrus3723d ago

I love sicilian pizza!

Truth3723d ago


Pulling some lines from Princess Bride? Very niiiice.

Aarix3723d ago

Your if going to say "literally the entire world" there better be a 6 billion count on there.

paintsville3723d ago

Down again. Meh. Not surprised.

PS3n3603723d ago

Clearly I can not choose the wine in front of me.

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LOGICWINS3724d ago

Funny, mine never went down.

norman293724d ago

Same here, signed out and back in again and still working fine.

Dee_913723d ago (Edited 3723d ago )

mine just did
and itl probable be going down for more of you

Guard7193723d ago

Same. I jammed to several hours on HomeFront last night and signed in the morning on the East Coast. All is fine.

trounbyfire3724d ago

people can't wait and already sony dead articles again

LOGICWINS3724d ago

Whats wrong with reporting news? Apparently, it went down for some y can't we talk about it?

Soldierone3724d ago

Because its server traffic causing it to stutter at times...its nothing more. Sites are making it out to be like the PSN was hacked and wont be back up for weeks. We don't need ten articles "PSN IS DOWNS AGAIN OH NOES!!!!" We need one simple headline "PSN Traffic Causes Outages" Done.

Remember MW2? Did the same thing, was fine within a day. Its simply servers jumping back online and processing information correctly. Once people stop requesting password changes, that portion of the servers can work on keeping people online instead.

LOGICWINS3724d ago (Edited 3724d ago )

^^You sir, are a paranoid fellow.

"Bu bu bu dey cantz say nuthin badz abouts mah TREY!"
Grow up dude.

solidjun53723d ago

Do you look at yourself in the mirror deadreckoning666? Cause you're the one acting like a kid. Grow up.

rezzah3723d ago


Logic is Dead?

solidjun53723d ago (Edited 3723d ago )

@rezzah: Yea it's him. I first recognized him in the way he writes. Then he implicated himself when he lied and told me to stop PMing him. First of all, I never did; especially to his LOGICWINS name; and second of all, I have a electronic trail of him PMing me as deadreckoning666. I never initiated a message to him. When you read the messages, it's easy to see it's him. Same style in terms of of writing.

fatalred alarm3723d ago

When the xbox experienced heavy traffic everyone was screaming doom to.. and that was only heavy traffic, not included the 3 week outage.

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jerethdagryphon3724d ago

its entirly my fault i synced my 200 trophys and it died :(

LOGICWINS3724d ago

Pff..its all ur fault man ;)

ikkeweer3724d ago

On how many accounts did you update your Hannah Montana trophies?, damnit

jerethdagryphon3723d ago

no hanah montana trophys :) sly 2 /3 venetica knights conract and all the simgle player on motorstorm apocolypse and portal 2

ikkeweer3723d ago (Edited 3723d ago )

OK, I'm partialy impressed by, and partialy sad for you.
Doubt they were jumping up and down at Sony-headquarters because of your trophies though, lol

PlayStation Blog EU
#PSN services have also been restored in the rest of Europe, New Zealand, Australia, Mexico and South America.
Let's see

YES, back to KZ3

jerethdagryphon3723d ago

also how can people disagree with the trophys check my sig in forum or my profile on

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ikkeweer3724d ago (Edited 3724d ago )

why can't there just be one article linked to their twitter accounts:!/PlayS...!/steve...
don't know the us one

Silly Mammo3723d ago

Just play 60 minutes of KZ3!!

dragunrising3723d ago (Edited 3723d ago )

I anticipated heavy traffic so I simply downloaded the new firmware and changed my password. The demand to game online is great enough so that everyone and their mom is jumping online. In a couple of days the congestion should go away.

frostypants3723d ago

Ditto. I pulled BFBC2 out, but then came to the same conclusion you did and thought better of it. I'll jump online after everyone else has had their turn.

solidjun53723d ago

"No sh!t Sherlock"

Exactly. Mines went down for like 20 minutes as I continued to play Deadspace 2. No biggie. Heavy traffic. I didn't expect another 24 days. ^_^

jke823723d ago

back up in toledo oh as of 100am 5/16

frostypants3723d ago

Everyone saw this coming. People are going to slam the servers much harder than they'd ever normally get hit, just out of anticipation for them coming back online after the hiatus. Not much Sony can do about it other than try to balance out the loads. They could have paid for additional capacity, but it wouldn't have made much sense given that this sort of activity is generally temporary.

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XxDarkGamerxX3724d ago

Its back up again according to some tweets

Danielmccue3724d ago

Yeah its back up, store still doesnt work though where i am (the UK)

Dart893724d ago

The store ain't up anywhere that will probably come back during the week.

limewax3724d ago

Pretty much all I am waiting for now really, just want my 2 free games

LOGICWINS3723d ago

Infamous and Warhawk :)

limewax3723d ago

Hope so, I have Infamous, but Warhawk is one I missed, Starhawk is one I will not, A chance to play it would be good but with Starhawk announced I don't feel its worth buying now, Not because of its quality, because of timing

Solidus187-SCMilk3723d ago (Edited 3723d ago )

Im happy with anything for free, especially PS1 classics.

But giving warhawk like you said would be really smart for sony. It might get more people into the series for the new one. Id love to try that.

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mastiffchild3724d ago

Yeah, I'm kinda relieved I'm not part of the hokey cokey(you turn the PSN on, the PSN off, on, off, on off...)of that amounts to tonight's open PSN beta in a way. My router's died and left me with only an old modem thing but going back on only to have to muck about with my passwords(email account issues and kids changing passwords means I think I might end up having to call Sony-and I've got a couple of old systems that have left me and I didn't deactivate)and THEN have the typical first night online issues would be too much after this wait!

It's true that it's probably teething problems and unavoidable but, you know, it's still going to scare a lot of people who don't appreciate things like this and a lot won't ever have experienced a beta so it might be a worry for them.

newn4gguy3724d ago

Type in the new password.

Type it again to verify.

What's so hard about that?

n4gisatroll3723d ago

You don't need the original ps3, I think the account has to be the master account. Go on and check your account details. It shows which ps3s has your account on them, and you can deactivate certain ps3s.

mastiffchild3723d ago

No, as I hadn't installed the update I didn't know if they were going to assk me to o it by email hence THAN my dead email would have been an issue AND if the two other accounts aren't set up to sign in automatically I'll be NORMALLY screwed cos my kids, who changed them, won't know what to so all I could hoe there is that they didn't change the email accounts too.

Was less about Sony and more about procedure/things that would have screwed me normally anyway. Should have been clearer but the main thing is I would have left it anyway as i didn't want to end up waiting for an answer from Sony when the'll be hugely busy.

If it's just lewtting most people do it on their PS3 I shouldn't have an issue with my main account and THEN I can change the email but as some people were saying they were waiting FOR emails I was concerned.Sheesh.

SpaceSquirrel3724d ago

I kind of expected to happen due to a lot of people trying to log back in

rob60213723d ago (Edited 3723d ago )

That is likely, but it's also possible some of those 'Anonymous' followers are DDoSing Sony's servers to try to take them down. Taking Sony's servers down for a few minutes to an hour is as far as they ever got before someone actually broke in.

Thrungus3724d ago

To be fair I didn't expect it to stay 'up'.

limewax3724d ago

Never heard of heavy traffic overloading servers?

beavis4play3723d ago

heh,heh.....heh,heh,heh....... .you said "up"......heh,heh... .heh,heh,heh....

InLaLaLand3723d ago

Lol I see what you did there.