FIFA Street 3 coming in spring 08 and Images

EA has today announced that FIFA Street 3 is to be released on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 in spring 2008. The game will feature over 250 of the best players in the world and 18 top international teams.

"We have completely re-invented the FIFA Street franchise by turning the game's biggest stars into action heroes using art direction that makes you look twice," said Joe Nickolls, producer on the project. "The power of the Next Generation hardware gives us the horsepower to break new ground for consumers, making it the perfect stage to enjoy a multi-player, sports action arcade experience. Casual gamers and sports fans can expect a simplified control system that makes it easier to perform spectacular moves and enjoy the game with friends, yet still be a challenging experience for more seasoned gamers."

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xhi44012d ago

there anyone here excited about this?

I mean it seems like EA know europe and australia and many other countries love their football/soccer, and this seems to me, I don't know about anyone else, a cheap spin off to try and get some of those people to buy it.

PES 2008 for me :D

DG4012d ago

Fifa Street was crazy addictive I loved that game Fifa Street 2 they fuqed up the controlls. If they fix that Id rather this over any soccer game.

Almighty4012d ago

The "super-deformed" look of the players looks awesomely HORRIBLE. Seriously, what the heck was EA thinking?

mighty_douche4012d ago

guess everyone at EA were Hungover when they came up with the design.

DG4011d ago

I dont mind the cartoon look (first too looked worse) as long as the game is fun. The only problem with the other two was it was unresponsive and some of the trick mechanics with FS2. If they fix it its a buy for me.

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