1 DS for every 7 people in Japan

You know, we never thought about this ourselves, but the ratio of people to DSes in Japan is pretty amazing. With an estimated 127,433,494 people living in Japan and 18.11 million units sold in the country, it comes to about 1 DS unit for every 7 people. If you want to go by a different figure, VGChartz has the handheld selling 19.72 million in the area, bringing that figure down to 6.4.

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PS360WII4016d ago

That's a good start. Pretty soon it'll be even better ^^ so many different games for the DS that it's useful to any type of gamer to the person who needs to play every free moment of the day to someone who only wants to play once per month. Here's to another 50 million being sold!

predator4016d ago

thats crazy, me myself not very interested in the ds, got a psp but got board of that, never got into portible gaming really