UltimateGameGorilla: Why A New Generation Of Consoles Is Not Need Right Now

Fred of UltimateGameGorilla writes: There is a lot of buzz going on in the gaming industry currently, mostly because of the now confirmed unveiling of Nintendo's next console. It was thought that all the current generation consoles would bide their time and release new hardware sometime in the next few years. The current declining economy being the one of the main factors in the decision. Nintendo however, never one's to shy away from risky business moves seem to be primed to release a new console later this year or sometime next year. This article will list several reasons why I personally believe we don't need new consoles anytime soon.


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I apologize for the "Need" instead of "Needed". I accidentally wrote that since I was in a bit of a rush to complete other things.

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Shok3482d ago

Wow, what's up with UGG with all these articles? Lol.

I think the 360 and PS3 could go for a couple of more years, but I think we can all agree that Nintendo needed to upgrade, thus, Cafe.

iamnsuperman3482d ago (Edited 3482d ago )

depends what kind of upgrade.. I am hoping that there next console is more innovating than just "hardcore". Graphical yes it is needed but I hope that they doing something innovating like they did with motion gaming

Shok3482d ago

It's Nintendo, I'm sure they have something "omg wtf" up their sleeves. The only time they really didn't innovate was the Cube....although it did have a handle on it lol.

UltimateGameGorilla3482d ago

Hi Shok,
Thanks for your comment. Personally, I think that Nintendo needs a new console but I think that Microsoft and Sony should wait until maybe 2013 or 2014. Just my opinion.

DarkCharizard_3482d ago

A couple more years? We're not in 2005. Today is 15 May 2011.

PS3 is completely outdated and if you think the hardware is amazing to look at in 2011 then you're an idiot. We have GeForce 590 GTX level of GPUs now which support Direct 3D 11, Shader model 5.0 & OpenGL 4.1 and personally I'm getting sick of looking at PS3 and Xbox 360's 2005 graphical standards for the past 6 years and I think the new generation should begin by 2012!

Raven_Nomad3482d ago

Well I remember the gaming crash of the 1980's and part of the reason was poor economy and the fact that people didn't want to have to go out and buy a new console every 4 or 5 years.

I think we can easily hand on with what we have for a couple of more years. Honestly with Move and Kinect I believe we are solid with innovation and with all the great games coming out right now I am just afraid that we will go through that stale period where we have 3 year or longer game release cycles. I like the fact that I will be able to complete Mass Effect trilogy on one console and import my character all the way through...

Jocosta3482d ago

I fully agree, I am past ready for new hardware.

Valk3481d ago

"Well I remember the gaming crash of the 1980's and part of the reason was poor economy and the fact that people didn't want to have to go out and buy a new console every 4 or 5 years."

LOL No you don't so stop lying. LOL new consoles generation in 1980... 2600 caused the crash. It wasnt a new console, it was the fact that there were far more games than consoles sold and anyone could make games for it.

Poor economy You werent round in the 80s at all.

Dsnyder3482d ago

Ps3 is the only console that still has potential. Wii is is serious need of a sucessor and so is 360. Ps3 was the only console really built for the future.

dragunrising3482d ago

I don't really "need" an upgraded Xbox or PS3 anytime soon myself.

I'm starting to get hyped up for Project Cafe though for better or worse. I hope Nintendo really comes through with innovation and graphics. If Cafe is graphically on par with the going on 6 year old Xbox 360, I will be disappointed. Nintendo can do so much more considering how much technology has advanced. With that said, if Project Cafe features controllers with 6" touch screen controllers and wireless streaming of games to said controllers (like the rumors hint at) I'll forgive them- thats sweet.

Valk3481d ago

If you are looking for day 1 superiority you have no understanding of hardware at all. Even top end PCs today do not put either console to shame really. Sure we will get true 1080p for every game but its not going to be leaps and bounds better.

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AEtherbane3482d ago

Apparently good grammar is not 'need' right now either...

Jocosta3482d ago

They could have at least got the title right, sheesh.

UltimateGameGorilla3482d ago

I apologize for the "Need" instead of "Needed". I accidentally wrote that since I was in a bit of a rush to complete other things.

asphogears3482d ago

Don't worry, it happens to all of us every once in a while.

DA_SHREDDER3482d ago

i want high res pc graphics on consoles. I mean, they are built on pc's anyways right? Then wtf?!

yamzilla3482d ago

it was time in 2010

720p or less,540,576,600,620,640p
no anti aliasing or if there is you cannot tell
20-30 frames per second
long loads
screen tearing

these are all console problems, none of which exist on PC!

The next gen is severely needed, besides 4 games, all the rest look bad

Theyellowflash303482d ago

The biggest problem for me is the frame rate

I want 60 fps in native 1080p

this 30 fps crap pisses me off

telekineticmantis3482d ago

You've got some good consoles this gen. Let Nintendo go their casual crowd is not buying anymore, and you've got a strong hardcore crowd.

Theyellowflash303481d ago

Thats funny cuz last time I checked "Core" Nintendo games sell better than Sony and MS's core games. Look up sales data for Legend of Zelda, Mario Kart, Mario Galaxy 1 and 2, New Super Mario Bros, Donkey Kong Country Returns, and Smash Bros.

browngamer43481d ago

You're a funny guy..I'm core and love me some Nintendo-whether you believe it or not..troll.

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