‘Project Café’ Leaked Games List

A list of titles rumoured to be heading to Project Café has been unearthed. The list details titles at launch and beyond and included are some massive names like Mass Effect 3, Modern Warfare 3, Street Fighter X Tekken, BioShock Infinite and Grand Theft Auto V. Other interesting titles include The Legend of Paper Zelda, Kirby's Epic Yarn 2, Kingdom Hearts and loads more.

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Thrungus3903d ago

'They've got the technology'

Sillyace923903d ago

If the system was releasing this year but it's not. So this article is complete BS.

iamnsuperman3903d ago

not even a rumour. This guy just assumed what could happen which doesn't make it a rumour. It really should be an opinion piece.

Active Reload3903d ago (Edited 3903d ago )

I don't see why any of those multi-plat 3rd party games wouldn't come to that system although obviously some won't be able to come at the same time as other platforms. But really, I'm just stating the obvious and find it to easy to debate the article. I need something more thought provoking :/

captain-obvious3903d ago

looks fake
they just slapped the name cafe on most of wii games

limewax3903d ago

GTA5 timed exclusive?!?! my sides are splitting!

AEtherbane3903d ago

This list is about as likely as the new Nintendo console having a money printing feature

Rumor3903d ago


Yea my reaction to that was "F*ck Meeeee..!!"

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Fantaman3903d ago

This could be huge for Nintendo! I guess you can always count on Ninty in teh end right?

firelogic3903d ago

They're going to be 6 years behind with the Wii2. If that's getting it right...I guess so?

iamnsuperman3903d ago (Edited 3903d ago )

what evidence is there to suggest this????? we do not know for sure what Nintendo is offering yet...these articles need to stop. It just seems every game is coming to the Wii2 when we do not know when it is going to be released yet nor its actual name.

NLGSean3903d ago

This dude just make up the list... LOL @ most games being called "Cafe"... Its a code-name... it will most likely not be the final name...

3903d ago
Shok3903d ago

MW3 is comin this year. Cafe will be released mid or late 2012.


jacksonmichael3903d ago

I really don't understand why that is the type of proof people go with. Why can't things be ported later on? I personally would like non-gimped shooters on Nintendo consoles, even if they are dated.

RockmanII73903d ago

By the time 'Feel' comes out, don't you think Nintendo would push for Black Ops 2 instead of MW3.

Shok3903d ago

There'd be no reason. Anyone who wants MW3 would buy it on 360 or PS3, and there's a new Call of Duty coming that year, of course.

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