When work becomes a game

A whole generation is growing up for whom video games are a key part of how they relax, whether it be fragging friends in a first person shooter or backing up the main tank in a Warcraft raid.

And it is not just youngsters. There are plenty of older folks who shake off the dust of the working day in many different virtual worlds.

Statistics from the the US Entertainment Software Association (ESA) back this up. It claims that the average player is 33 and has more than a decade of gaming under their belt.

All of a sudden, say academics and researchers, companies have realised that all the time employees spend gaming in virtual worlds is changing them.

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feejo4015d ago (Edited 4015d ago )

You might laught but I find my console a real stress. Except for Hot Shoot golf 4. I play Star wars battlefront online and you can't relax there there is alot of action, adrenaline it there, I find that is like having another job. Online FPS are fun at bigenning, but they turn into a job after: " I must get that ... that just killed me".

When work become a game or when game become a work.