Head-to-Head: Skate vs. Tony Hawk's Proving Ground

UGO takes an up-close look at Tony Hawk's Proving Ground, the latest from the reigning virtual skateboarding franchise, and EA's SKATE, the new competitor on the block.

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Almighty4012d ago

SKATE is like 1.000.000 times better than Proving grounds

sunnyhours4012d ago

Seems time for a new king to be crowned. It's a shame too, because the Tony Hawk games were amazing. They just got too comfortable (and lazy) in their success. Too much "been there, done that" for me.

SKATE brings a fresh experience to the genre.

geminibros4011d ago

I do think that SKATE's fundamental design and control scheme is excellent and could eventually eclipse that of the Tony Hawk series. But I'll continue to stand by the belief that, for now, SKATE is just too features-light to keep me coming back to it again and again.