Updated: Insane Ruling: Plastic Wii Zapper Gun Toy Gets PEGI 18 Rating

SPOnG has contacted Nintendo and Capcom today to clarify this news. There is no official UK release date on the Wii Zapper as yet, though they are informed it will be sometime this year. Nintendo plans to bundle the Wii Zapper with Links Crossbow Training, which will carry a PEGI 12+ rating. PEGI does not apply ratings to hardware.

Nintendo or Capcom currently have no specific plans for Resident Evil/ Zapper bundles. These will be at the discretion of individual retailers

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Almighty4107d ago

Umbrella Chronicles looks cool. I want more of Wesker.

Sam Fisher4107d ago

even tho i truly hate wii i do not hate RE:umbrella chronicles i would try it out buy the game (not a wii) and go to my cuz house to play it...basically wat im saying is use my cuz and play it

ItsDubC4107d ago

Reserving hate for an inanimate piece of electronics is worrisome to say the least.