Smooth Moves: In Defense of Really Elegant Button-Mashing

The big critique of controller schemes: They're too artificial. Game designers take organic, fluid, physical real-life movements and turn them into random, opaque button combinations. This drives newbies away because they can't penetrate the button-combo thicket.

Indeed, this is precisely why critics have been slavering over the Wii for the last two years. Swinging your arm around is a more "realistic" holodeckian control scheme, so it is fated to eventually replace the crude, artificial controller. The controller is the ancient past of games; "sensing" your physical movements is the future. Right?

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M_Prime4108d ago

and how do u propose this works outside the game SKATE?

and i'm sure there is a FAQ for SKATE moves.. what if u don't know what u should feel the direction of the thumbstick should be? and i can see this as another form of button mashing.. the form where u move the stick uncontrollably until something happens.. (never played the game so i'm unsure how it exactly works) I mean my lil bro buttonmashes in THPS games.. i don't i know what i'm doing and i always kill him in score challenges.. Lets face it.. any control scheme u put out there will always have people button mashing