Current European Best Sellers

FIFA 08 continues to score heavily in the European charts.

EA soccer title FIFA 08 for PS2 clings to the top in both Spain and Germany, while the PS3, PSP and PC versions all make chart appearances.

There's no change in this week's top three in Spain, but Xbox 360 and PS3 big hitters Halo 3 and Heavenly Sword both slip down the chart, while Nintendo DS titles take four of the top ten places.

In Germany PC games scoop four of the top ten places, while three DS titles chart. Halo 3 slides six places to No10.

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jromao4017d ago

..and then check again that charts.

cloud360-7th_account4017d ago (Edited 4017d ago )

Football games suck. Peopel only play it for fun. It has no story no nothing i know its not supposed to

But i have these annoying people in my school . All of them love PES. When they know games like MGS and FF are better.

In my school you either a MGS/FF fan are gayboy who likes PC games like world of warcraft/Halo or a PES/Fifa fan.

This is the UK and it sucks Ballz, it RAIN EVRY SINGLE DAY...(stop complaining) Am joking. Uk is awesome but theres "TO MANY PEOPLE WHO LIKE FOOTBALL".

i also like it

And trust all of the guys in my school who like World of warcraft are nerds who a;ways talk about killing each other on Halo. But theres only 3 and most people find them annoying

Bebedora4017d ago

you're almost worth a buble for your humor.

cloud360-7th_account4017d ago

Thats all they talk about in my School.....

Pro Evolution Soccer 2008. most say they are gonna buy it on "PS2".

I try to persuade them to buy it on PS3, at first i didnt know it was on PS2.

But hey i wanna just say they wernt many people in my school weho were talkign about the PS3. But now the price has gone to £350+2 games, last weeks one Kid or 2 said his gonan buy one, and a huge argument started over Which one is better

PRO Evo or Fifa. But they are both crap anyway.

Am guessing there will be a lot of people who will buy the PS3

Baba19064017d ago

u seem to be a little confused hihih. do u like football or not? gays like pc and mmoprgs? kids who like football dont like mgs4? what does halo and warcraft have in common? it rains to much in the UK? is that good for football fans or just for the field? =D

anyway back to the topic. im not really surpised that europe loves football games.... hihih. its huge here.

MJY2K4017d ago

It's interesting that there isn't a 360 version of FIFA in the charts. All PlayStation

XxZxX4017d ago

WOW if European didn't buy XBOX 360 for Fifa or PES, XBOX 360 is in serious trouble.

SmokeyMcBear4017d ago

yeah thats the one thing I noticed... no fifa 08 for 360.. interesting.

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