Short gamplay of Silent Hill: Downpour

This year's E3 promise to be really interesting, since almost all are waiting trailers and new information of Gears of War 3, Assassin's Creed: Revelations, CoD: MW3, Tomb Raider, Silent Hill: Downpour, and many other titles.

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Wizziokid4760d ago

the rain at the start looked very nice!

NukaCola4760d ago

I am actually pretty intrigued by what this game looks to be. Scary is coming back and me likes.

aCasualGamer4760d ago

This video looked awesome, even though the technical quality seemed to lack compared to the pictures of the game that were released few weeks back. I think this is a pretty old video of the game and a pre-alpha version.

All in all, i think Silent Hill is back, they have done the series just.

conjurdevil4760d ago

the starting looks a lot like alan wake but lets hope this is one is as good as Silent Hill 4 : The Room

DelbertGrady4760d ago (Edited 4760d ago )

I'd hope it's more like Silent Hill 2 but from what I saw it's nowhere near.

@conjurdevil - Indeed. The music, which has always been a big factor in Silent Hill sounded like crap in the trailer.

conjurdevil4760d ago

the main problem is they try to do so many different things with the series that they end up messing the core feeling of "silent hill"

STONEY44760d ago

The atmosphere isn't the same without Yamoaka's music.

conjurdevil4760d ago


you need some bubbles my friend +1 for you :)

pipipi4760d ago

sh4 wasnt good in my opinion

NarooN4760d ago

It's obvious that KCET (original Japanese devs) wanted to do something different, which is why Silent Hill 4 was so different than 1-3. Hell, Hiroyuki Owaku, the guy who did the story for SH1-3, quit after SH3, citing that to him, the story was over.

That was just his interpretation of course, but still the few devs that were left wanted to do something new. The reason why every SH after SH3 is so different is because Konami JP wanted the series to vary and be unique rather than staying the same forever.

conjurdevil4760d ago

Unique is good , but making a whole lot of difference in the game distracts the fans of the series because when you buy a game you have been playing from a long time you want that same formula in a new way not a new formula in a old way.
If they want to invent a whole new formula why not start a new IP?
The industry is short on horror games.

NewZealander4760d ago

the main character looks a bit wooden, i was expecting more i guess.

Cloudberry4760d ago

I thought the main character's design is so-so... : /

I hope he would change for the better in final version.

Cloudberry4760d ago

Albeit it's not done by Akira Yamaoka for the soundtrack & sound effects, I just hope is as good as the previous Silent Hill games.

gaden_malak4760d ago

I love the use of a chair as a weapon, perhaps all environments could be used?