1up Gives Tony Hawk's Proving Ground on 360 a 5.5

Tony Hawk is fun. It will always be fun. Despite the extra flourish and handful of additions we've seen since Tony Hawk's Pro Skater, the simple skating mechanics that blew everyone's minds eight years ago are what's held it all together. Through thick and thin (and through Bam Margera), whipping around ramp-laden urban environments and pulling off inhuman acrobatic feats still has its charms. Unfortunately for Tony, the same ol' fun can only get you so far; if gamers simply want straightforward entertainment, they can find it on Xbox Live Arcade and the PlayStation Store for a mere couple of bucks. For $60 and a world of possibilities, it's nice to have a little more bite. The nuts and bolts of Proving Ground still provide some fun, but at this point it's just ancient leftovers of something that used to be really special.

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