Online Gaming Warriors: Are J-RPG's Racist?

In this podcast online Gaming Warriors discuss why some people believe J-RPG's are racist, what we feel about video game resellers and what are some of our favorite gaming snacks.

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madjedi3018d ago

Not listening to a unknown (to me) podcast, questioning if jrpg games of being racist when if you look at alot of japanese anime and video games.

The japanese media culture(anime/games) that i have seen, usually doesn't have asian looking characters to begin with and the ones that do are stylisied, most of the characters look more european or white than anything else, why thats how they want to make it.

Kinda of amusing since north america, europe ect, isn't even the target audience in most of these releases it is and always will be japan. Either accept that they aren't designing the games with your particular culture/race in mind or don't play it, not a hard concept to follow.

Don't care what race you are to begin with why should i, let alone which one you feel is being slighted against in these games.

I enjoy the games for the story, gameplay and character interactions/humor in the games, not because there are a majority of (insert race here) or a minority of (insert race here).

If that is so important to you stop playing games and get involved in politics, since it seems as a gamer your priorities are backwards.