Sony Rep clarifies few points regarding PSN Restoration

Gamersmint: Patrick Seybold, Sr. Director, Corp Comm & Social Media – SCEA has therefore decided to clarify any remaining doubts via tweets which PSN users might have.

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shikamaroooo3020d ago

Bring Australia online please

zeksta3020d ago (Edited 3020d ago )

It'll come on eventually, knowing Australia, we get the god damn back end of everything.

What the hell are you on about Hells? :s

Close_Second3020d ago

Oz is higher up the gaming food chain than NZ.

BkaY3020d ago

must... Play... warhawk ..... arrrrrrgh.....

no luck in OZ...


Panzerkanzler3020d ago

@CloseSecond: Yeah, being second from the bottom must feel much better ;)

KwietStorm3020d ago

He was making a joke because many games get banned or censored in Australia.

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gaden_malak3019d ago

I read Oz was meant to be today but no idea when.

psb3020d ago

why I can't change the password although I dled the firmware aswell. Thanks for clearing that up for me Sony and I hope PSN is back up soon at my place so that I do it asap and get to business! :D

harrisk9543020d ago

After I downloaded the FW update, it didn't give me an automatic prompt. Try signing in manually and it will then prompt you to change your password and then it will sign you in.

GodofSackboy3020d ago

OMG United Kingdom NOW!!!

Bodster3020d ago

Not for me in Scotland, I did just update OFW though. I'm working all day so i'm sure it'll be restored by the time I finish :)

TheMrMadzen3020d ago

Everybody do the Kentucky!
Hell yeah!

GillHarrison3020d ago

I changed my password a few days before the outage, piss.

RevXM3020d ago

Well thats too bad lol.
Im sure you are creative enough to come up with a new one.

Cant wait for the psn to be up in Scandinavia...

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The story is too old to be commented.