Game Guys review: Brink (PC version)

Once upon a time, a game developer that went by the name of Splash Damage decided they were going to revolutionize the first person shooter genre forever with their intuitive shooter, Brink. Ready the throwing vegetables.

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Pandamobile3024d ago

Wow, this is a pretty terrible review. It's a multiplayer-centric game and the only thing regarding MP they touch on is complaining about how laggy it is, which is completely circumstantial. Every MP game I've played has had zero in the way of networking issues.

PandaJenkins3024d ago

Most of the reviews are this bad and they all seem to be treating it like an SP game. It is horrible because the game I have been playing is great and a crap load of fun. It isn't perfect and there is some issues to be fixed, but hardly as bad as the reviewers have been making it out to be. They really just prove they are the mainstream shooters little bitches.

HolyOrangeCows3024d ago (Edited 3024d ago )

Not everyone plays online. Nothing wrong with this review.

Pandamobile3024d ago

That's like reviewing Left 4 Dead and completely ignoring the online part.