PSN Back Online: Let’s Never Let This Happen Again

After more than three weeks of being offline, the Playstation Network is finally back to business as usual (well mostly). But this entire situation begs a largeR question about hacking on the PS3.

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JATOSIN3025d ago

Glad to see that the PSN is back up maybe now I can enjoy Socom and finish the portal 2 co-op

iamnsuperman3025d ago

True lets hope this doesn't happen to any online service but the bad part is someone will try again. Someone will want to test the new system. Someone will probably try and take Live out for egotistic purposes. It is so annoying. The hackers need to realise they are hurting millions of gamers when the attack any online gaming service.

pupa3025d ago

Lest us Sony supporters start an official donation fund to be used as reward for any hacker who expose the hackers responsible for this.

Anybody take the lead!

TheStonedSheep3025d ago

Community funded bounty hunters? I like it!

mastiffchild3024d ago

Would probably work as well seeing how little honour there appears to be between Anon members these days. I imagine it would only cost about twenty quid between us all. Once they get one in custody he'll grass the lot of them up in seconds.

maxcavsm3024d ago

I'm not sure how I feel; sure, great, it's back, but has Sony learned anything now? Six months down the road, are they going to start eyeing Microsoft's XBLA model and start asking for an annual fee (would take some big balls though).

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