MS cagey on new HD-DVD 360

Microsoft has adopted its usual silence amid rumours it is making an Xbox 360 with a built in HD-DVD drive.

The kerfuffle was caused by a senior Toshiba suit in Singapore, who apparently told Australian technology site SmartHouse that his company was working on the new hardware.

Microsoft recently announced a new Christmas deal for the HD-DVD add-on unit, where every new purchase would receive five free films. The separate hardware currently sells for around GBP 115.

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sanderFVCKINcohen4066d ago

because if it is, that is totally unfair. I wonder how much this one would cost???
maybe itll be the actual price if it had ever released with a HDDVD.

fjtorres4066d ago

...and not games. Games will stay on DVD9.

Two things to consider;
1- it may be a Toshiba 360, not a Microsoft XBOX 360
2- It may be Japan only

This kind of licensing has happened before.
Panasonic (for a while) sold a DVD-player that played Game Cube games:

It may be an HD-DVD player that happens to play games, rather than a console. Right now a 360 is probably as checp to build as a standalone HD-DVD player so its not impossible.

And maybe the japanese that won't buy a gaijin console will buy it with the Toshiba name on it.

Also, this could be just a trial ballon to gauge interest.

BrianC62344066d ago

If Microsoft does release a new 360 with a built-in HD DVD drive it will only help Sony. Microsoft will have to charge more for this 360 than a PS3 costs or they'll have to take a big loss on each HD DVD drive they sell in these 360s. Either way it's not good for Microsoft. Sony looks smart because for a little more than the 360 already their PS3 can play Blu-ray movies and use the Blu-ray drive for games. The new 360 will play HD DVD movies but no way will it ever be used for games. Can anyone say Sega CD? That idea sure didn't work.

I've felt from the beginning that Microsoft was dumb to release the 360 when they did. If they had waited six months they could have included an HD DVD drive in the 360. It's too late to switch now.

remix4066d ago

the movie format war is very important though. hdtv's are becoming the new sdtv's. when people pick up a hdtv and want a high def movie.

if bluray is the only one on shelves, there gonna want a ps3. (vice versa) i still cant see microsoft winning the hd format war,they've added it in kindve late. its typical american bullshit though, never trying something that that they cant SEE the outcome of until they SEE someone else do it and succeed

Sam Fisher4066d ago

thats y we stupid americans win most of the time.... thats buisness strategy

Meus Renaissance4066d ago

Why are Microsoft doing this if they have nothing to lose or gain by the format wars? By the time this comes out, HD-DVD may have lost anyway. Again, I don't see the point to this. Why not just add a Blu-Ray drive into the new Xbox 360.

mighty_douche4066d ago

this would kinda be a slap in the face to current 360 owners after M$ stating that its not needed for console gaming.
with regards to the blu-ray drive, i personally think it would be a great idea, speed up this whole HD 'war' and help realsie one unified format, alais it will never happen as to some it may appears as M$ supporting a sony product.

anh_duong4066d ago

i might be wrong but i heard steve balmer say that ms can't ever support blu-ray because it supports sun java implementation. don't quote me on it but i am pretty sure i am right.

Bloodmask4066d ago (Edited 4066d ago )

Microsoft has money invested into HD-DVD. They are one of the many partners. So why would they put a Bluray drive in the 360?? That is just an assinine statement. The HD media war will take years. HD media makes up less than 10% of "total" DVD sales.

It's just Sony fanboys that think the HD format war is "over". Both HD-DVD and Bluray are a joke when compared to DVD-9 sales.

You people just question the HD-DVD 360 bc it will most likely be disastrous to your Blu-ray agenda.

By the way if Microsoft does release this model. Consumers will have "the choice" of whether or not they want to buy a 360 that plays HDDVD movies, kind of like the add-on.

andy0014066d ago

This might be a media extender, rather than a 360.

Microsoft Home server is out now, and they will be wanting manufacturers to bring out extenders for it.

Just a thought.

akaFullMetal4066d ago

wow coming out with another sku with an hd-dvd drive in it, alot of people that have the set up already wont be to happy since the hd add on looks horrible next to the 360, plus didnt they say they were never going to intergrate a hddvd drive in the 360, o well

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