Why The Xbox 360 Will Be Microsoft’s iPhone

If Microsoft could build and sell operating systems in the same way as it develops, builds and sells its game console system, Microsoft would be a much stronger player than it is today. Microsoft’s future flagship may not be so much Windows anymore, it may be the Xbox 360 and Kinect.

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ATiElite3022d ago

Why The Xbox 360 Will Be Microsoft’s iPhone?

Because most windows phone suck?

M$ really put a lot of hard work behind the Xbox brand and it along with Windows really represent the company like how the iPhone is Apple go to device.

Both devices have huge loyal communities and each device almost is the default icon of it's field.

Megaton3022d ago

Really? The Xbox and Kinect are gonna replace Windows as Microsoft's flagship product? I couldn't even guess the real numbers, but I'd imagine that the entire Xbox division makes a single-digit percentage of the money their Windows division brings in, at best. The whole reason they can take big losses from failed products, buy out company after company, and shell out maximum moneybags for advertising is because of their Windows revenue. It's the source of everything. It powers the entire company with cash.

iamnsuperman3022d ago

Agree....Windows is so expensive and so vital. There are other systems like Linux and OS for Apple but Windows is Microsoft cash cow (a lot of Laptops/PCs come preloaded with it) along with what Coryok said Microsoft word (sadly not preloaded). There are free word software but it is not the same as Microsoft Word. Microsoft will always be a software company. It is because it this article appears here that people think the 360 is the flagship product for Microsoft but it isn't.

coryok3022d ago

microsoft office is microsofts biggest cash cow isnt it?

they do almost nothing and it sells like hotcakes

earbus3022d ago

Bringing skype to live will be great for families.