Will Anonymous Keep Their Promise to Attack PSN Again?

Well, the PSN is back up and running. Let's see how long it takes for someone to tear it down again. The hacker group anonymous has already promised that they will do so once service is restored.

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Joni-Ice3020d ago

We may never know what type of network Sony has now. These dudes can try and Hack Sony's network and get caught this time around. If they notice a weakness before hopefully Sony's new network would scare them off this time around.

iamnsuperman3020d ago

Who ever attacked Sony will defiantly try again and all those people wishing they attacked Sony will try. Its a new system someone is going to try

Yi-Long3019d ago

... like developers who are DLC-scamming/milking us.

Soldierone3019d ago

Yeah I was thinking Sony has to be on extra high alert right now and for at least a month. They might even step it up around E3. Anyone that bothers trying will be tracked fast and hunted down.

I hope the original hackers are so stupid they try it again. Come knocking on the door of a company already searching to shoot their brains out.

MrBeatdown3019d ago (Edited 3019d ago )


I don't know. The people who did this are looking at plenty of jail time for this. If they had any common sense at all, they'd stay as hidden as possible and not draw attention to themselves, especially knowing Sony will be watching PSN like a hawk, and will be out for blood if anyone even attempts something.

I'm sure some moron kids will try something in the name of Anonymous, but I doubt they are bright enough to do anything truly effective.

ConanOBrien3019d ago

naah..anon can now leave PSN alone, their mission has been accomplished, even if they wanted to repeat, it wouldn't be the same kind of breaching...they're not dumb rats

WhittO3019d ago

I don't think they could now, the way they hacked the PSN the first time was a fluke that there was a hole in the security, doubt there is one now!

Consoldtobots3019d ago

if they are caught I say try them under Iranian law, which means their hands would get chopped off. How you like this hack you losers? muahahahahahahahahha

Iroquois_Pliskin3019d ago

noooooooooooooooooooooooo FUCK YOU ANONYMOUS!! I WANNA PLAY ONLINE!!

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Pandemic3019d ago (Edited 3019d ago )

If Anonymous take down the Playstation Network, I'll have to personally meet them, and knock'm out...

DarkSpawnClone3019d ago

im going to rip off their heads and shit down there neck...Ballss of steel

cereal_killa3019d ago

Im gonna take the mothers out for a nice sea food dinner and never call them back.

hotrider123019d ago

WTF!! thats BULLSH'T we waited this fking long for them to screw it up again not on my dead body sheeeee-it!

hamburger1233019d ago

i am going to kill them if they do

Vherostar3019d ago

These guys are nothing but a bunch of 360 fanboys they claim its because of other OS but through hacks people have got other OS back so what's the problems exactly?? They like hacks so why not use the hack to re-enable it?? Because they are BS'ing that's not the real reason they hate the fact PS3 is finally over taking 360 worldwide (I doubt it will ever overtake in the USA well done MS!). They can't take it. Fanboys are the scum of the universe if they go to these kind of lengths...

stevenhiggster3019d ago

I perhaps wouldn't say they are just 360 fanboys. But its definitely nothing to do with other OS, its a vendetta against Sony, pure and simple. I just wish they would attack Sony in other ways that don't effect gamers! Seriously, leave us alone, go and mess about with Sony music or something and leave gamers in peace!

jozzah3019d ago

Hi, I have no proof that any of annon is based around 360 fan boys but Im going to base my argument on that.


lowcarb3019d ago (Edited 3019d ago )

If anything they need to hack you and your conspiracy theories. Sucks for gamers to go through this (and needs to stop)but fanboys like you I could give a [email protected]!

Scary693019d ago

Anonymous him/herself said they will not, but with all that has been happening to them highly think so. They have the FBI to worry about.

metsgaming3019d ago

there is a special level of hell reserved for the hackers.

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jmobley3020d ago


frozzenfire3020d ago

I seriously hope not, thats gona suck!

Eades3020d ago


BizDaWolf3020d ago (Edited 3020d ago )

leave us ps3 gamers alone!!!!!!!!!!!!!

frozzenfire3020d ago

Tell me about it almost 1 month without gaming!

NukaCola3020d ago

1 month without gaming? We survived and there is plenty to do, but it sure is an inconvenience. I personally missed all my PSN Friends.