90 Untouched Screenshots Of L.A Noire

A Chinese forum posted 90 pics of Xbox 360 version direct screens of L.A Noire, these are screens captured without any touch up.

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LoneWanderer093022d ago

Going to the Midnight Launch at my Local Gamestop

NukaCola3022d ago

I ordered this off of Amazon. I heard there is DLC for preordering. Amazon and Best Buy have different suits or something. Maybe miniquests to get them like RDR had. I didn't even hear about that until two days ago. Is GS giving out anything?

KDubyah3022d ago (Edited 3022d ago )

Gamestop gives a pre-order mission and an exclusive shotgun, I believe.

LoneWanderer093022d ago


This is what you get when you Pre-Order at Gamestop and am a Power Up member as well.

Pre-Order L.A. Noire with GameStop and receive a code to unlock the exclusive vice case, The Naked City and the Badge Pursuit Challenge.

(1) The Naked City: In a standalone case from the main story, Detective Cole Phelps investigates the supposed suicide of a stunning fashion model.
(2) Badge Pursuit Challenge: Unlocks 20 Police badges to find across Los Angeles. Collect all 20 to unlock more bonus items.
(3) PowerUp Rewards members who pre-ordered by 4/30 will receive the exclusive Chicago Piano Gun!

HolyOrangeCows3022d ago (Edited 3022d ago )

Looks pretty good, other than the contrast being really bad (like 360 Brink) and all of the cops looking like they all have the same mother and birthdate (Octomom gave birth to pigs, lol).

Wow, you trolls get more pathetic all the time. Posting shop'd pictures as comparisons? Just plain pathetic.

disturbing_flame3022d ago (Edited 3022d ago )

Maybe Rockstar didn't show XBOX 360 version, not because it was inferior to PS3 one but maybe they didn't want to make angry PS3 users by confronting them to reality and lose customers, they can also have a contract with Sony that push them to show only PS3 version for the moment. I don't say 360 version is better, i let people look and appreciate it and make conclusions by themselves.

Rockstar and Bondi axed their marketting by saying the PS3 version was the lead.
Apparently for a lot of players, and also me, i thought that it meant this version was maybe the best.

Now if the version is really inferior on PS3, i think that a lot of person gonna be angry, i mean very angry.
I remember someone insulting me just because i've said Rockstar didn't manage to make a superior on PS3 on this generation, i don't want to imagine his reaction if he discovers that in fact i was not so wrong.
Anyway, all comparisons will arrive soon.

And for possessors of both systems we gonna know on wich system the game runs the best.

MaxXAttaxX3022d ago (Edited 3022d ago )


disturbing_flame3022d ago (Edited 3022d ago )

The proof will come with Digital Foundry i think. But i've not said in any case that 360 runs better, just impressions here by watching screenshots.
To me it's not a problem as i said i've got both systems and i love them the same, i'll play the game on the best system for it.

Now if people can't connect to the site, i recommand you to use this link :

WetN00dle693022d ago

Well according to the peeps that were watching the Gameplay stream for the 360, they said that it has texture loading problems and nothing more. that the game look amazing, well as you can also see in those pics. Anyways its safe to say that Team Bondi did a great job!

bunfighterii3022d ago

Well if it's using the same, if updated, engine as GTAIV and RDR, which I'm sure is the case, that always had some texture loading/pop-in issues so nothing new.

Personally I think as far as open world games go, it looks brilliant in those screens.

xPhearR3dx3022d ago

L.A Noire doesn't use the same engine as GTAIV and RDR which is the Rage Engine. L.A Noire uses an engine created by Team Bondi themselves. I believe it's called something like "In-House", but don't quote me on that.

YodaCracker3021d ago

LOL, "in-house" means they are using their own game engine, rather than a 3rd-party game engine, like the Unreal engine.

MaxXAttaxX3022d ago (Edited 3022d ago )

I noticed the same issue I see on nearly every 360 version of a game.
Which is loss of detail in darker/shaded areas due to the way the 360 displays the image. Gamma and contrast levels are distorted a bit.

WetN00dle693022d ago

Yeah Brink has this said problem as well.

xAlmostPro3022d ago

You do know that the PS3 is the lead platform for this game unlike gtaIV and red dead..

Enjoy your 3 discs

However on top of this i will add that the gome looks good on 360 darks are a bit dark here & there but overall it looks great and to those that only have a 360 im sure they'll enjoy it

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Bigpappy3022d ago (Edited 3022d ago )

Looks amazing on the 360. I am shocked at how great it looks. If this is why they used 3 disk, then I think other developers should give that a try. This is an open world game with that level of detail on 360. I got to see this for myself. Just look at the quality of the radom passers by. No fanboy crap here. Who is not impressed?

Sunny_D3022d ago

Yeah, I won't lie it does look impressive. Just want this game now!!!!!!!!!!

NukaCola3022d ago

3 Discs means they didn't compress anything which is good for those who want this for 360.

xAlmostPro3022d ago

@nukacola your saying it's on 3 discs because they didn't compress anything? lmao!

It's on 3 discs because the game alone takes up more space than a single dvd9 disc

NukaCola3022d ago

No but if they compressed stuff they maight of had it on two discs. FFXIII needed to be on 4 discs on 360 but the compressed to fit it on 3 and it cost the game some performance.

I am getting this game on PS3 anyway, but I don't favor fanboyism, and I hate seeing gamer getting screwed.

thespaz3022d ago

Looks way better than the PS3 version.

WetN00dle693022d ago

We need proof of this. I for one could careless to be honest, im just glad that the game came out looking great on the 360 since its a PS3 port.

thespaz3022d ago (Edited 3022d ago )

I was just trollin'.

We don't really have enough information yet to make that decision.

By the way... I'm getting it on PS3.

Edit @Units: The PS3 screens look like crap in your post!!! Were those modified in some way. It's like his jacket is missing a texture completely!

I have a hard time believing if those are truly un-altered screenshots

RedDead3022d ago (Edited 3022d ago )

Jesus it can't be that big of a difference can it? More proof please.

Edit--- the Ps3 one is missing a shadow and details in general, like your mans forhead. I really don't believe it will be that much of a difference considering the Ps3 is lead PF.

If this is real, this reminds me of the time with Operation Flashpoint DR, I unfortunatley got the ps3 version http://www.videogameszone.d... Lazy bastar*s Codemasters... I'm surprised LA Noire is this way, IF it is. We should wait for more screenies.

ZombieAssassin3022d ago

Dang if those comparisons units posted are accurate I'm not a happy camper, I could of swore they weren't using the RAGE engine so I figured we might actually get a more optimized ps3 engine this time.

PLASTICA-MAN3022d ago (Edited 3022d ago )


There was already a failure thread about this BS in GameTrailers: http://forums.gametrailers....

See from this page: http://forums.gametrailers....

No need to comment! LOL !

Edit: Btw on the second image of units, xbox 360 is left; PS3 is right! ROFLCOPTER !

MaxXAttaxX3022d ago

Pictures proven fake.

MasterCornholio3022d ago (Edited 3022d ago )

All you mentally retarded 360 trolls have got severly owned in that screenshot comparison. Its obviously photoshopped. Its pathetic to see the things moronic fanboys will do to make their version of the game seem superior. Sorry people for those who believed the shots you must feel really stupid now.

Ok anger aside.

Look we have to wait for an official comparison from LOT or Digital Foundry before we can decide which one is better. Dont worry people on Monday the embargo lifts and we can see real comparisons soon after that. Regardless of which one is better i believe that both versions will be extremely well done.

WetN00dle693021d ago


Yeah i dont think that the pic on the left is the 360 either since it looks uglier than the ones posted on the Website featured for this topic. SO there is no need for your ROFLCOPTER...

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xAlmostPro3022d ago (Edited 3022d ago )

@units lmao you expect us to believe those?..

kuge4563022d ago

I am in that forum too,he downloaded Disk 1,no AP2.5,no regionlock.

What do Rockstar and MS thinking?

More?someone report that after some scene 360 suffers a 5-10 secs very bad moment.

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