OXCGN’s Brink Review: A Misunderstood Bundle of Fun


"Brink, developed by Splash Damage and published by Bethesda, is a misunderstood bundle of fun that is not getting the acclaim it truly deserves due to ignorant reviewers and misconstrued interpretations.

"Not only does it innovate, but it revolutionizes what a shooter could and can be in a world where anything slightly different from the norm is criticized for breaking tradition and thinking outside of the box.

"Brink is a title for the open-minded who want a refreshing experience that breathes life into the shooter genre."

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Proeliator3023d ago

Definitely, as the author says, a misunderstood bundle of fun...

People just want everything to be BLOODY SCREEN (SO REAL!) these days

gaminoz3023d ago

Ha ha that spoof game was hilarious. Yeah the COD leak basically promises more of the same...but at least in different locations.

This game is definitely splitting opinion

XboxOZ3603023d ago

couldn't agree more mate, with the great games that are out, and the realism that 'some' display, many gamers expect the same for all games.

Even when it's inappropriate for the game/genre.

WHen we saw this game and spent some time with it at E3 2010 at Bethesda's rooms, we could see then there would be 'mixed' feelings or thoughts about the game, due to the fact it does break some conventions, yet seemed to be catering for the clammer of online gamers.

I've come to the opinion that online gamers have no real sense of things, and even when they are given what they ask for, bigger maps, better ranking, greater customization etc etc etc, they complain like crazy.

Whereas single player gamers seem to not be as defensive, and look at how a game can extend their gaming experience.

Several ppl within the gaming media (from mags and net) seem to agree with those thoughts, especially of late.

Seems developrs can never please their customers in the gaming arena.

It'll be very interesting to see (read/hear) the feedback on L.A Noire when it ships this coming week. You watch the gamers say it doesn't look good, or there's not enough guns, etc etc. Without even knowing what the game is actually about.

Myst3023d ago

Dammed if you do and dammed if you don't. Can't win with us. Make it the same people get agitated but some like the return to the same.

XboxOZ3603023d ago

Yep, I agree 110% mate, and ppl wonder why publishers pull games off the production line because pre-release indicators show a game might ONLY get a 8.2 or 8/10 score, and if it does, it's deemed average or worse not worth buying - sheezzes.

MP gamers wanted a larger online playing field, more opponents in matches, modifications and customisations, multiplyers for scores etc etc. The guys give it to them,(gamers) and then the gamers complain.

Gun CLub was a great online game, but because it was by a prodomantly car developer (Bizarre creations), gamers didn't even try it, and those that did said it was too hard to string scores.

I'd hate to be a game developer in these times, personally I think the last two generations of gamers (generalising of course) are spoilt rotten for choice, have way too higher expectations on stuff generally, and have far less patience than gamers of the previous generations, where you actually had to work to get through games, and had to wait months between major titles, not days.

I fear something will happen within the industry in the next few years that may well prove very problematic for us all - not sure what, but if it continues on its present course (this huge dissatisfaction on everything), then something is going to have to give somewhere.

With reviews, it seems a review HAS to be negative in order for it to be worth reading or valid. No one is willing to simply look at a game and take the good points, weigh up the entertainment factors in the game, and give praise where its warranted.

It's as if it's mandatory that reviews must point out the bad things in a game, not the highlights or good stuff. Little wonder publishers are getting stricter about handing out preview code, and only giving actual promo-code for reviews (release code), as they know that many reviewers will latch hold of unfinished code and hammer that, rather than take into account that the game is a work in progress, and judge it accordingly.

Myst3023d ago

Oh man I agree it seems kids these days primarily want something shooter related and fast paced team tactical just won't do it for them (though I think BC2 did rather well).

Well anything worse than paying for some things on the disc could certainly be problematic for us all. For the most I thought something akin to pay to play would be something so that companies could receive some money back that they may have lost or something due to cancelling other projects or what not.

Reviews...I guess they are giving it the balancing effect of having at least a positive to go with the negative, but at the same time they feel very justified in always giving a score now to. I favor the reviews that actually don't and utilize their words to score it seems a lot better (to me) than some number.

Ducky3023d ago

Yay, a review of the PC version. :D