Team Fortress 3 could 'help flaunt TF2 upgrades'

Develop - New project under new name could alert people of TF2’s significant updates, dev says

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fluffydelusions3020d ago

I loved the original but funny enough have yet to play the 2nd..and I game on PC mind you lol.

Ranshak3020d ago

TF2 is about the most fun FPS out there. You should definetly check it out.

Panzerkanzler3020d ago

Indeed. I used to own the orange box for ps3, and even with all it's flaws TF2 was a masterpiece. Easily the best, and certainly the funniest, fps I've ever played

the_best_player3020d ago

valves Half Life 2 Deathmatch is way better, there is even ctf maps for it.


electricshadow3020d ago

As long as it has more hats, THAT'S what is important. I love playing dress up instead of shooting people.

R8343020d ago

No more hats please. Or at least no paid for hats.

MasterCornholio3020d ago

I love teamfortress. I just hope they release a good version on the PS3

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