Starhawk/Modern Warfare 3 Unveilings Clash - Nick's Gaming View Episode #42

"Nick's Gaming View returns after an extensive hiatus due to the show and a couple of other projects undergoing a time-consuming transition phase. Episode #42 highlights this week’s news including the end of speculation for Sony’s upcoming PS3 exclusive, Starhawk, and the unveiling of Activision’s upcoming project. Nick, host of Nick's Gaming View, also touches on Microsoft’s large payout to acquire Skype to expand their company further. Nick ends the show off with his question of the week and looks forward to reading what you guys have to say not only to the question, but what you feel about the current status of the show and how you feel it could be improved. This is Nick's Gaming View!"

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3018d ago Replies(2)
tmanmushroom3018d ago

I like the new features Starhawk is going to implement. Allowing players to customize the battlefield will change the game completely!

Elimin83017d ago

PSN is back for me.. I'm in the US...

Elimin83017d ago

How am I spamming? I only felt I should let some people know that PSn is up and I get a warning about spamming?! This site is getting lamer and lamer by the second.. Let me guess now I'll be banned or something..... Man this site, I tell you...

thor3017d ago

Whoever was more excited about the MW3 reveal than the Starhawk reveal should not call themselves a gamer.

Oschino19073017d ago

I am seeing Starhawk as a Warhawk with C&C type of stuff, which has me foaming at the mouth, love the ideas and concepts shown thus far!!! The SP and new angels to approach everything will only enrich the already steller gaming experiance that is Warhawk... Hopefully there wont be vet pedos aloud to stay on rookie boards to pray on the nieve noob community this time around.

killajd3017d ago

Im not so hit on mw3 but I am looking forward to Battlefield 3!!! Im also loving Starhawk, Im loving everything about it with the inclusion of the RTS element!

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