160° Reviews PGR4 and Loves it editor states, "I like driving games. Love 'em! Can't get enough of them. But as I've played more and more over the years, I've grown to develop a keen sense of what it is, exactly, I like about them. I like fun. I dig the sensation that I'm driving really really fast in a really really expensive car, and having to drive like a maniac to beat a bunch of other maniacs driving fast, expensive cars.

Lucky for me, you, Bizarre and Microsoft, then, that's exactly what PGR4 delivers. It's fun. Buckets full of bucketloads of fun. The core driving mechanics seem to be the same as PGR3, but just about everything else has been tweaked, improved or added to improve on the predecessor. Tracks are better, opponents more interesting, progression has been overhauled, the graphics are slicker, bikes add a whole new dimension to the game...see? Everything's been changed, and it's been changed for the better."

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jromao4014d ago

... I liked this game when the "delete" option was executed over the demo I had on my 360.

Crazyglues4014d ago

Now that's cold, it's not that bad. I think if you liked PGR3 you will like this one.

P4KY B4014d ago

Forza 2 is miles better

BloodySinner4014d ago

They're two different games and not even in the same genre... :-/


to each his own, in the same light i would like to say the same of Forza.

Sure it was technical, yes, it was also the most boring and slowest racer i have played in ages.

Honestly i love my racers, but i could not play forza for min with out feeling sleepy. there was no sense of speed no matter what you were driving.

PGR, now that keeps me on my toes ! Fast fun, i did 3 laps on Nurburg ( sorry for the spelling ) in the snow, forza, i could not do 1. it just board me to death.

there are still some cars that miss and wish they were in pgr4. Where is the Ford GT concept ?

blacsheep4014d ago

props to you xbox owners on a great racing game,yeh im a ps3 owner but i give props wer props is due and ill do the same for mass effect.hope you return the favour when uncharted,killzone,mgs4,lbp,ge taway all come out!

jcgamer4014d ago

now that's the spirit bro, bubbles way up...and you can bet that I will return the favor on Uncharted and future PS3 titles...I appreciate it man...

creeping judas4014d ago

now who the heck would disagree with you on that??
bubbles for you.

wageslave4014d ago


Killzone 1 got 7.0 / 10

Uncharted? unknown.
lpg? unknown.

MGS is the only game with the heratage to predict the quality of MGS4. The rest are unknown.

If the games are good (i suspect LBP would be my personal choice), who would say otherwise?

The trouble is that here, on N4G, mediocre PS3 games (HS, Folklore, Lair) recieve too much praise, while critically acclaimed titles like Halo 3 are trashed.

There is no personal or intellectual honesty on this site. The SDF has ruined any notion of honesty.

jcgamer4014d ago

if you think about it, every game is an unknown...once...remember when Gears was an about God of War...GTA...heck, even Mario...Mass Effect is an unknown still (hehe, just a lil bit more to I am hoping for a metacritic busting (90 or above), user loving, fun-filled adventure romp of a game for Uncharted...Halo 3 has to go through the "wash, rinse, spin" because it is so popular...nothing new...Final Fantasy goes through it...Gran Turismo 4 went through it...that's not a bad has sold so many copies already that it has matched the sales of games that have been out for will be loved by its millions of fans and hated by, well, millions...who cares...I sure don't...bought it and never trading it in...Halo Wars comes out, sells at least a million in a month, if not a week, and repeat the process until there's a gold-mine at Bungie...and if Killzone 2 gets a seven, man, that will be the best looking seven I have ever laid eyes on...and it seems like you know what's going on by your analysis of some of the past N4G sad moments...but there's plenty of good guys on both sides sit back, relax, and enjoy...and game on bro...


Well said - appreciate the HONESTY, which is a very rare thing on N4G. I'll give you Bubbles & props for UNCHARTED - I think it will be PS3's 1st AAA game & a game I personally would love to have. Props again...

sak5004014d ago


Bubbs for being a true gamer. Wish u can enjoy AAA games on 360 as well.

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AllanWakker4014d ago

Wow, Bizzare you finally managed to get a game to run at 720p 30fps on the 360!

What an accomplishment!


LOL, you do REALIZE that the *highly anticipated* PS3 title know as KILLZONE 2 will be running at 720p & 30fps, ....don't you ????

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