PSN: Better Security Means Fewer Benefits?

NextGN: "Like most of you, I was very excited when I read the official statement from Sony regarding the restoration of the PlayStation Network. However, there was one sentence that really caught my attention."

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DrFUD3017d ago

This article poses a good question.
Furthermore I changed systems and email addresses since my original activation, so I wonder where I stand now.
I didn't recieve an email to change my password yet

LOGICWINS3017d ago (Edited 3017d ago )

Whoever disagreed with you is an idiot. You posed a logical complaint. I've changed my password and email address twice since I first got my PS3. Where does this put me?

My state(NY) isn't illuminated yet, but I DID get the prompt to change my password...I haven't received any emails from Sony yet.

According to Sony, "As covered in the post from earlier today, you can now update the firmware on your PS3 and change your password." I can't. I updated my firmware...but I can't change my password.

M-Easy3017d ago

It doesn't put you anywhere because you don't have a PS3.

LOGICWINS3017d ago (Edited 3017d ago )

And so it begins, the children on N4G would rather say I don't have a PS3 than accept that someone is having legitimate issues with the system.

You sir embody EVERYTHING that is wrong with this website.

NovusTerminus3017d ago (Edited 3017d ago )

They will most likely send it to the email account set to you're account at the current time. From there you do the rest of the validation process.

That is my best guess. And I say that because that is how most sites work now.

LOGICWINS3017d ago

^^Its cool. I logged in 10 minutes ago :)

Dante1123017d ago

Well according to a few people on PSN now when it goes up in your state and you go to sign in, a pop up will come up to change your password.

Joule3017d ago

damn i didn't think the stories would come back that fast. Tomorrow its gonna be...

"No new features? PSN comeback disappoint?"

le sigh

SixZeroFour3016d ago

i agree with El guys think that PSN being up will be the end of all the PSN articles, but be prepared to see articles about whats wrong with the PSN articles, why it they didnt include any new features when they had all that time, blah blah blah, complain complain complain

glad to hear you guys can or will soon be able to play on PSN again

LOGICWINS3016d ago

"i agree with El guys think that PSN being up will be the end of all the PSN articles, but be prepared to see articles about whats wrong with the PSN articles, why it they didnt include any new features when they had all that time,
blah blah blah, complain complain complain"

Fortunately, u don't need to click on them, just like u didn't click on this one
...oh wait!

Bell Boy3016d ago

once your region is up and ready you will be able to change password.

I have suffered 2 YLOD in past and was able to do the change no problem on my current system.

I believe as long as that account as downloaded to your current system you will be able to change passwords without waiting for emails

SixZeroFour3016d ago

@ logic - actually i clicked on this one (just like many obvious troll articles) for the laughs and sometimes for a good facepalm...just saying that if all of you were tired of seeing the anti-psn articles, its not done yet even tho its coming back up

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Emilio_Estevez3017d ago

You don't get an email unless u request it. It prompts on the ps3 when your area goes live...Playin online now, thats how it works.

How they dont drop the 5 activations though!

Whitefeather3016d ago

DR FUD it's like this. There are two ways to change your password one way is through a PS3 that the account has been activated on they don't say the PS3 it was created mind you. So any PS3 you have downloaded any content on be it a demo, dlc or a game. IF you haven't downloaded one thing yet then you will be sent the email.

Bell Boy3016d ago

lol some one disagreed....and yet you are 100% correct in your

Whitefeather3016d ago

Yeah it's weird all I did was state facts...

DrFUD3016d ago

Whitefeather, thanks for the info

news4geeks3017d ago (Edited 3017d ago )

Interesting, I personally think sony will attempt to rake our pockets dry from here on in.

Bell Boy3016d ago

no different from any other viable profit making business then!

for example companies who sell proprietary relatively small harddrives for consoles at a much higher cost than laptop versions

M-Easy3017d ago

Nothing in the piece makes sense at all. Let the dumb articles questioning Sony begin now that they can't fear monger for hits anymore.

oneDMAC3017d ago

So do you think the author of the article is unable to read or so you think he just likes to get people upset over nothing?

M-Easy3017d ago

I think its a little of both tbh.

blackburn103017d ago (Edited 3017d ago )

Trolls and haters can alway find something to gripe or make wild assumptions about. They are usually the killjoys in a party who keep saying things like 'this party is going to suck, it's probably going to suck, I'll bet it will suck so bad everyone is going to leave and even if it doesn't suck, their probably is going to be a blackout or it's going to rain and the party will be ruined' And these type of people wonder why they are not usually invited to parties @ oneDMAC. They are finished beating a dead horse and are now dragging it by a rope up a hill. Just let it go. It's dead already!

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