The Two PS3 Games That Are Yearning for the New PSN

With the return of the PSN and some of the hottest video games released during the PSN outage; SOCOM 4 and Mortal Kombat being some of the most popular. It's time to finally get online! PSN’s recent outage prevented some of the most anticipated PS3 titles from getting some multiplayer love. But now it’s time to decide what game will get first dibs on the NEW PSN.

lazertroy4404d ago

New games Mortal Kombat and Socom 4

Most popular of course Black ops

xAlmostPro4403d ago

Mortal kombat & motorstorm for me!

showtimefolks4403d ago

killzone 3

i don't play that much online only fps and only handful of them.

but its nice for others to redeem their free copy of portal 2 and play socom 4/mortal kombat online

best of luck everyone have fun

slinky1234564404d ago

Ive been waiting 3 weeks for my last trophy for Socom 4 which is an online one... Then I need 5 co-op trophies for Portal 2. Come on!!!

Soldierone4403d ago

Only have about 3 co op ones. Its the stupid "play with other people" trophies. I cheated and did all the other ones either with a friend or alone. If you ever get bored and want a challenge play that game on co op alone at night while you get tired....

Octo14404d ago

Its back up. Just downloaded OFW 3.61.

Baba19064404d ago

mine is not up yet i can download the patch though. Hope Switzerland comes online soon. =D

Omar1st4404d ago

Need to open a can of whoop ass in Mortal Kombat !!!

Call_me_Ishmael4404d ago

heall yea,if only i could get oline since asia still not back up again.

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