Activision: PlayStation 3 Most Advanced

Speaking at the recent Web 2.0 Summit in the United States, Activision's chairman and CEO, Robert Kotick, told an audience member that he believes that the PlayStation 3 is the most advanced gaming platform available. However, he also pointed out that, "few game developers were building products that take full advantage of the console's powerful, multicore processor". In a more upbeat statement, the Activision head man did suggest that in "the next four or five years" this would change.

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WilliamRLBaker4066d ago

lets hope so...but then again microsoft and nintendo will be into their next cycle in 4 years.

AllanWakker4066d ago

Microsoft will have long since dumped the whole Xbox fiasco four years from now. They've already gotten rid of most of their first party developers outside of Rare(LOL!). Next step take the 360 out back behind the woodshed and put the turd of a console out of its misery.

Nintendo will have long since come out with their followup to the Wii. They know more than anyone that the waggle-hype is quickly winding down.

WilliamRLBaker4066d ago

I just had to unignore you they have? last I checked the only notable exodus was Bungie..and last I checked pretty much the single franchise bungie is most famous for...Halo is owned by microsoft and last I checked Any title bungie produces in the future microsoft has free reign to publish yeah....
you've yet again proven you cant string together an coherent setence.

and yes 4 years from now microsoft will have released a new sytem, so will nintendo, sony will scramble and release a system too but microsoft will have prempted them yet again.

AllanWakker4066d ago

There isn't going to be another Xbox.

Bungie was let go.
Microsoft allowed BioWare and Bizzare to be bought by EA and Activision.

Microsoft now only has Rare(LOL!) and maybe one or two insignificant developers left. Can you say bye bye console market?

Stick a fork in the six year long 7 billion dollar trainwreck that is the Xbox project. It's done. Microsoft is focusing on Vista gaming where they don't have deal with that oh so tricky business of console hardware they clearly are complete failures in.

Sam Fisher4066d ago

i agree with old allen here with the nintendo and xbox 360 will die in 4 years.... M$ messes with consumers mind alot, nintendo itll give up sooner or later and halo is bunji's biggest thing but then again wats konami's biggest hit (dont say ddr please its the ONLY dancing game out there)or square enix's biggest hit hmmmmm.....

Sam Fisher4066d ago (Edited 4066d ago )

theres mass effect (an other halo for free roaming rpg's)trilogy aswell

ruibing4066d ago

I hope Activision is one of the developers/publishers who are willing to put in the effort to get its reward.

lawman11084066d ago

Thats good news to you people with PS3's? (Yes I sadly own one)

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Sam Fisher4066d ago

i agree it is most advanced but id rather still have a game console to play with than actually get bored and web browse (computer 4 that 1).....dont get me wrong im no hater i just think there is still no good exclusive games 4 it out YET (mgs 4 and ff series.... thats it.... im srry 4 killzone fans but *cough* it sux)


Yes, and watch all the Xbots ignore this article on purpose.

MaximusPrime4066d ago

expects some xbots to click on "disagree"

titntin4066d ago

I think its hard to dispute his comments. (Though I'm sure plenty will!)

The technology IS good, its whether people manage to get a great gaming experience out of it that really counts though, and for many poeple, the jury is still out on that one. I enjoy mine right enough, but it still needs some more trully great titles before it competes with the strength of the 360 line up. Looks like they're coming in 08 though, so it could be an interesting year...

Taker_1294066d ago

The ps3 is the most advance console on the market today, but will all that advanced technology be put to good use by developers other than Sony that is the really question.