Mortal Kombat DLC And Patch Coming Soon

TheSixthAxis: Ed Boon, the co-creator of Mortal Kombat, released some new details today regarding MK9 DLC. It sounds like a few problems that we mentioned are going to be addressed very soon, along with Skarlet as a playable character.

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pody3017d ago

Great news! Many characters needs to get balanced.

LOGICWINS3017d ago

Off topic: Has anyone ACTUALLY signed on to PSN yet? PS site is down so I can't even change my password.

pody3017d ago

Nha, not for me atleast. I heard that you can't change your password until you login so don't worry bout that.

I got my ps3 on hoping something will happen soon.

rockleex3017d ago

Kratos needs to get balanced. Cheap as hell guaranteed 30% damage moves. No X-ray needed.

Jonny Cage is too quick. Infinite guard strings.

krazykombatant3016d ago


be patient and i'm sure by the end of the day you'll be online.

soundslike3017d ago

Sorry to say, but you just can't know that type of thing yet.

Anybody who you think needs to get balanced is likely a character that many people have learned well, thus there are probably more unbalanced characters that people have not learned well, you just haven't played against them.

starcb263017d ago

Shao kahn is more unbalanced than an old lady's breast.

Zenkure3017d ago

Free DLC? That sounds more like it. :3

pody3017d ago

Is this ":3" a bum, boobs or walrus? :D

Zenkure3017d ago (Edited 3017d ago )

Hoping for dlc with a walrus whose head I can chop off, so let's go with that =D

BiggCMan3017d ago

Haha, bubbles for you guys, that was funny. Why anyone would disagree with your comments is beyond me, but whatever.

Kee3017d ago

it's a walrus. a bum would just be "3" and boobs are "OO"

Nitrowolf23017d ago

@Kee not unless you view them from above
ever wonder why Boob is the perfect word? Google it lol

They should have a walrus as an annimality

jjohan353015d ago

Boobs are (.)(.)
Bum is (_|_)

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BiggCMan3017d ago

Haha, bubbles for you guys. Why anyone would disagree with your comments is beyond me, but whatever.

NarooN3017d ago

It's N4G, that's why. I've lost two bubbles for using "bad" language. It's okay to link to websites with tons of "crude" language in them, without N4G actually warning anyone about it, and it's okay to link to NSFW content (even featuring it directly on this website), but damn you to hell if you use mature language in the comments box.

BiggCMan3017d ago

Yea I got pulled for bad language once, I just laughed at it. Never lost a bubble though which is odd, I use it pretty often.

El-Fenemeno12133017d ago

“free stuff” =D that is always great. Wondering when Kenshi will arrive though

MrBeatdown3017d ago

I'd like to see them patch that ridiculous trophy that requires 24 hours to be spent playing as each character. I don't mind a platinum trophy that requires effort, but asking players to spend 672 hours playing is just stupid.

Free stuff is cool though. Hopefully they are talking about the classic costumes.

El-Fenemeno12133017d ago

That trophy is just ridiculous lol. I thought beating the tower would be a hassle. XO

3017d ago
El-Fenemeno12133017d ago

but its 24 hours for each character.

cr33ping_death3017d ago

i have around 5 or 6 characters already mastered when it comes to the time devotion... just play a two versus two match against yourself and as player 1 pick the 2 characters you wish to add time to and let it sit... oh and take off the timer :)

MrBeatdown3017d ago


I don't really mind a challenge. I've got the platinum in plenty of 100 hour games like GTA4 and Fallout 3, and I've earned plenty of challenging ones, like MotorStorm: Pacific Rift or Mirror's Edge platinums.

672 hours is way beyond anything I could ever do. That's two hours each day for a year. I'm not even sure I play much more than that in an entire year across all games. And as much as I love MK, I don't want to play it that much. I don't want to play any game that much.


I've heard about that method, but I've gone through two PS3s (although both with 60GB models), and I don't want to leave my PS3 on that long just for a trophy.

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Kahvipannu3016d ago

Totally agree MrBeatdown, it's way too extreme. Currently I have just mastered Jade..

12 hours for each character would be ensane already^^ I don't ususally collect trophies, or care much for them, but like you sayed, it's ridiculous..

About DLC, I simply can't wait new kharacters, kenshi was one of my favourites from DA. Also I would love to see Li Mei from it too:

Other DLC I would like to see is klassic costumes for characters, specially Reptile one, since I love the character, but I dislike the "modern" style of it.

New story campaign would be great too, or even just more tower challenges with little price for completing them, new costumes, fatalities, stages,... I hope NR will keep giving us DLC in the future too^^

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