Main Characters (Race in gaming)

A lot of the main characters in video games tend to look alike. Are we, as a society, responsible for this? Is it purely the fault of developers?

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FACTUAL evidence3016d ago

Sorry but only racist white people are allowed to ply online. /s

BeastlyRig3017d ago (Edited 3017d ago )

cj was the best ever! Bring him back!!

I'm black so I stay away from xbl chatting..

idiots on there.

fluffydelusions3017d ago

Psn is just as bad now...used to be better but now cod,kz3, all big titles etc are no better than xbl

saladthieves3017d ago

I agree with plbelanger. I play on both platforms quite regularly and from my experiences, I can confirm that there are idiots on both sides.

BeastlyRig3017d ago

well at least on steam people can vote to kick or ban people from the server.

RedDead3016d ago

Where there is a chat function there is also idiots

yewles13017d ago

Kratos is a brother. More people should recognize...

Leon Thomas3017d ago

Kratos is voiced by a black man. The character is Greek. He's also the palest character I've ever seen. :)

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