Infinity Ward Need A New Engine For COD

Gamers Outlook "When Modern Warfare 2 was being released Infinity Award, were quick to point out the new features of their IW 4 engine. When Modern Warfare 2 was realeased however we saw very little imporvement between graphics and AI of Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. Black Ops was only marginally better in gameplay changes and eniviroment textures and its clear the engine is showing its age. Above is a leaked screenshot of Modern Warfare 3."

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disturbing_flame4790d ago (Edited 4790d ago )

The optimization of COD engine is effective but is still very lazy in terms of pure sensations to the player.
With COD 4 Infinity Ward have done all the work, the engine was runing solid, the mechanics have maybe been the more significant advancement for COD since 2007 in its gameplay but technically there's no significant advancement in terms of graphics or physics.
The game have reached a popularity worldwide that shows that people are waiting more and more for next episodes.
On this generation consoles it seems that the game will stay the same.
The new engine will be build for next gen i think or maybe new gen of PC, when you see Battlefield runing on a new PC you can understand that the new compettor have worked on its new baby.
It's now to activison to react, when we know that their player base for COD is on consoles, i don't see them making a move to change the engine on this generation.

Best4790d ago

Why would they need a new engine? The cod4 engine is amazing. I'll dropshot all yo a55es

iPad4790d ago

I'll dropshot all yo a55es

now you know why

jjohan354790d ago

I can't even get passed their first three sentences... typos, spelling errors, and grammatical mistakes.

ofx3604790d ago (Edited 4790d ago )

I don't think they need a new engine.

First of all, i don't think people realize that Cod is running twice the game than most other games out there. That includes KZ3 and Gears of War3. Those games run at 30fps while Cod runs at 60fps. That's an achievement right there.

Second, does MW2 really look THAT bad? Really? I thought it looked just fine. Black Ops looked a little worse, but that's because they were using an older version of the MW2 engine for some reason. But if they can slightly improve the visuals from MW2 to MW3, i'll be happy. Especially since extra visual effects aren't necessarily the most important thing in a game.

Third and lastly, just because they don't have a new engine doesn't mean they can't add new features like destruction, better AI, and such into their game. IW can code their engine however they want. I'd rather them work on incremental features and improve the gameplay and work on better maps and modes, than to waste time trying to make cool visuals.

People seem to think that if we get cool visuals that we'll get a better or "fresher" game...that's not the case. You need gameplay changes to make a game new and exciting; and a new engine doesn't always equal better gameplay.

Gameplay > Visuals.

BeastlyRig4790d ago (Edited 4790d ago )

"The optimization of COD engine is effective"

black ops has so many bugs...

DOMination4790d ago

It's not the cod engine it's actually Id tech4 that powered Doom 3 in like, 1983

tunytung4790d ago (Edited 4790d ago )

There is Infinity Ward
But There is no Infinity Ward anymore

There will be CoD
But There will not be CoD anymore

They are finished.
All hopes gone, with the wind. oh i mean West.

Oldman1004790d ago

Adopting id tech 5 would be ideal.

Sevir044790d ago

They need to scrap the franchise and move the hell on! -_-

JLeVRT4790d ago

They need a new engine...

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HeavenlySnipes4790d ago

PSN is coming back!!!

Oh, I mean, sure but they probably just do a minor update to get the graphics a bit better than MW2. Nothing drastic, they live off the fact that COD is 60fps

Jezuz4790d ago

Why do i get disagrees ? It's not as if I like COD but comparing COD to PSN ? Seriously ?

ALFAxD_CENTAURO4790d ago (Edited 4790d ago )

They really need a new Engine, to have feel of a fresh game and not rehashed like every year.

jdrman20074790d ago

holy crap I actually spit out a bit of my purple drank while reading that LOL! bubs+

Evolve4790d ago

they already been working on new one