Ubisoft Discusses Franchise Sales Figures, Assassin's Creed Tops the List

In Ubisoft’s 2011 fiscal year earnings report, it was revealed that Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood has sold 7.2 millions units as of March 31. Ubisoft is very happy with this number as it brings the Assassin’s Creed franchise to a total of 29 million units sold. The company reported they made $1.87 billion in revenue (up 19% from last year), but still managed to have a net loss of $74.36 million, falling 5% from the previous year.

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DrFUD3023d ago

I'm tired of the Assassins Creed games now.
I'm not going to buy any of the next 3 of them

blizzard_cool3023d ago

They're good games but the problem's the one year release. If they slow that down it would really help the game as a whole.

But they probably don't give a fuck bout that since they're going for a quick buck (Ubisoft, not the team behind Assasin's Creed).

Uncharted3Goty3023d ago

one of the best franchise to hit these gen deserves its sales and deserves everything it has meaning awards sales and much more.

SixTwoTwo3023d ago (Edited 3023d ago )

One of my favorite franchises from the current gen. I am really looking forward to closing out Ezio's trilogy. Constantinople could be the best setting yet for the series.

MostJadedGamer3023d ago

Both AC1, and AC2 sold over 9 million.

Tru_Blu3023d ago (Edited 3023d ago )

As someone who has plat's on AC1, AC2 and AC:Brotherhood I'd offer them this advice. I bought AC1 and AC2, brotherhood after I heard it was going to have online, I gamefly'd it. Although it turned out to be good enough with this everything has to be online crap, if half of the people are like me you lost sales when we heard, oh by the way this is another single player game we are going to tack some online on to. And neglect the single player.

DragonKnight3023d ago

You don't have a plat on AC1. It doesn't have trophies, and Brotherhood's single player didn't get neglected. The online in Brotherhood is incredibly basic.

Tru_Blu3022d ago

You are right, I was mistaken. Did play through the whole game though.

Darkfiber3023d ago (Edited 3023d ago )

That's because it's about the only decent game they've made in years... All we get are crappy kids games and pieces of shit like that lightgun game they had at E3 last year. Ubisoft used to make some really good games last gen, and they just refuse to make decent sequels to them, or anything original for that matter. Instead we get ANOTHER Assassin's Creed game. I never played Brotherhood, because I had enough Assassin's Creed after the second game to last me for years. The gameplay isn't diverse enough to release another one every year, and this new one isn't even a real sequel... I wonder how many they're going to put out before they release Assassin's Creed 3, then how many they are going to release after that...

I realize these games sell well, but honestly, milking a franchise is just going to cost you in the end, and make a whole lot of people hate your company even more than they already do.

Wonder why your sales are down? It's because you are putting all your eggs in one basket.

blizzard_cool3023d ago

I want my Beyond Good & Evil 2! >:(

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