Gears of War 3 - Execution Montage

IGN: The bloodiest ways to finish off your enemies in the beta.

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Brash_Attack3025d ago

Damn advertisement. I'll watch it when it's ad-less on Youtube.

Schism203025d ago

Just from playing the beta imo I believe this game is ready to release. It runs so smooth and the game looks great too bad its releasing in November. I guess its better tho since they can maybe polish the game a little more and fix any glitches that haven't been found yet.

QuantumWake3025d ago

I think you're mistaken... Gears 3 is still set for a September 20th release date.

But yeah, from what I've played of the beta..... It's amazing. The gameplay fun, graphics are great (lighting has been really improved), and the online experience has been (for me) smooth and lag free.

This is by far the most polished looking Gears game and I can't wait to see some of the single player!

Cheers! :D

NoobSessions3025d ago

Oh I thought it was out for Nov too

This is good news!

RevXM3025d ago

OMG... they call that HD?
Is it too much to ask of HD when hitting that HD button?

I thought 10$ capture devices were extinct already...

sickshot693024d ago

loved the beta now im ready for the full game this september 20

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