Portal 2: The Smartest Video Game Ever?

Good: In this writer’s extensive experience, modern video games—which trump even movies in the battle for the attention of today's youth—are almost universally mediocre. Formulaic plots (space marines/terrorists/aliens/orcs ) and kill-or-be-killed gameplay is the standard, and a glassy-eyed, button-mashing, semi-satisfied player is the result. These games don't stimulate the mind or imagination, they only numb it.

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moaradin3022d ago

It's a puzzle game so it does require some thinking obviously. That's what puzzle games are all about. I doubt its the "smartest" though. Most fun? Possibly. Smartest? That's debatable.

I think LA Noire will require more brains since a big part of the game is solving cases and being able to tell if someone is lying or not based on their facial expressions, which is something that hasn't been explored in video games before.