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Maximum PC: Let’s get one thing straight right away: Portal 2 is not Portal 1. Don’t get us wrong: Portal 2 is still completely brilliant—just in entirely different ways. If Portal 1 was an incredibly witty one-liner, then Portal 2 is a whole night of stand-up. That is to say, it’s still smart, subversive, and riotously funny, but it does manage to drag in a couple areas—if only briefly.

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BeOneWithTheGun3020d ago

Hands down my most favorite game of the year so far. The only ones I see topping it are Infamous 2, Batman, Uncharted and Skyrim. A pretty solid top 5 list if you ask me.

Welshy3020d ago

dont forget the Duke for that list ;)


reznik_zerosum3020d ago

all i care witcher 2 and D3 - but that wiil not happen this year

CoD5113020d ago

Do people even bother reading these Portal 2 reviews anymore? It's the same over and over, always 9/10 or 10/10 with the same comments :/ We know guys, the game is good.

Welshy3020d ago

its a total blast

after playing the first one on the Orange Box i kinda questioned if it would stand on its own, but hell yeah does!!

looking forward to the DLC having finished it =D