Is the Nintendo 3DS a Flop?

Would you be surprised if I told you the Nintendo DS outsold the Nintendo 3DS last month? It's true. The Nintendo DS sold 257,000 units while the Nintendo 3DS sold 194,000 units in the month of April 2011.

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TomInc3021d ago

I think it's still too early to really judge that. I'd imagine its more answerable a year on from launch.

Blaze9293020d ago (Edited 3020d ago )

If just going by word of mouth and local buzz then I'd say yes - at least in my area. 3DSs are allways in stock in stores, I never hear anyone talking about it. I don't even know anyone who has one yet alone seen someone with one in person. I don't see commercials for it (haven't seen one since it launched). Nothing on the radio. Nothing on TV.

Not like when the Nintendo DS launched and it was all the talk.

Seems like, to me, it launched got some talk then people moved on. Doesn't seem like a Nintendo launch.

I think the main issue is the way it was marketed. First with warnings about it's KEY feature being bad for children. Bad launch games. Then keeping a similar design and name probably just made a lot of unaware people think it's still just a normal DS with a new design and 3D. But not like a new generation in a sense.

Hell, I'm still confused myself on what the 3DS is in terms of continuation of NIntendo's handheld history. I think many people just think its "another" DS. Not DS2 in that kind of term.

pain777pas3020d ago

Zelda may be my tipping point actually. I don't know E3 will tell the tale on whether I get one now or wait for Star fox, Icarus, Mario and Mario Kart aswell. The thing is that the DS having the same size screen on the top and bottom may limit the 3DS in some ways to what the DS was able to do. The nub will provide 3DS with a great Metroid prime type game in 3D. I say we will have to wait and see. The system could get some major announcements at E3 that will put it ahead. NGP stole alot of thunder also no one has spoken about the 3d effect being a MAJOR enhancement and that is what is really holding it back. We need to see evidence that it is going to play a MAJOR role in gaming. Plus the PSP seems to be just as powerful graphically from the games released so far which is hurting the system in Japan. NGP at the right price with the right software and marketing could take the 3DS in Japan. 3Ds in the states is only a matter of time. NGP though will do much better than PSP this time because of the dual analog sticks, functionality like 3g/4g and serious MP games. MP could get the NGP pushed to the top if they make it just like PSN only simpler and better because of the cameras. NGP is a competitor and the first fight of the war begins in a couple of weeks. Cannot wait for E3.

Speakindatruth3020d ago (Edited 3020d ago )

It's never too early to judge a portable like this. Once the revamped version of the 3DS comes out--like, lets say it allows glasses free 3D with an extended angle of viewpoints (possibly utilizing head detection?), we'll have a different perspective on the platform as a whole. But at the moment, it sucks ass, it's a flop, and my friend vomited all over the damn thing playing Street Fighter so he can no longer return it--those are all problems. Funny problems, yes. But problems that need correcting.

BakedGoods3021d ago

However, this article shows what happens when PSN is down--gamers resort to doomsday Nintendo articles to keep things interesting.

Errol James3021d ago (Edited 3021d ago )

I'd be way more devastated if Street Fighter 3D's online shut down. I sympathize with the COD heads tho

Welshy3020d ago (Edited 3020d ago )

why make an article about the 3DS turn into a PSN is t3h doomz battle ground??

i think youll find that the psn outage brought more sony doomsday articles than anything else tbh

i think its too early to gauge tbh, just look at the PS3, pricey launch with a patchy launch line up, but look at it fly now

once they start a nice flow of good games that properly show off the 3d i imagine it will sky rocket =)

GrilledCheeseBook3020d ago

I think its sales will pick up over time. Not much justification to get upgrade over a DS just yet. Once their heavy hitter games start coming out and the DS starts to slow down the 3DS will hit its stride. Especially when a Pokemon game comes out for it and not on the DS.

Quagmire3020d ago

Call me once they announce Metroid Prime Hunters 2

meganick3016d ago

I can't call you if I don't know your number.

Lubu3020d ago

It's definately too early to say. I myself a, waiting for a stronger library and maybe an upgraded model, be it longer battery life bigger screen or whatever the 2nd generation will bring. Also, I have $350 set aside to buy the NGP. If it wasn't announced, I would have probably bought a 3DS.

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The story is too old to be commented.