Hauppauge HD PVR, The Recorder All Gamers Want (Review)

The Game Fanatics reviews one of the most envied personal video recorders in the video game industry.

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Nitrowolf23018d ago

i want one of these so bad. heard good things

-Alpha3018d ago (Edited 3018d ago )

I wonder if systems can support the general feature

PS3 has that video editor. If we could convert gameplay like UC3 into videos, then add VO's we can make some nice stuff right from our consoles.

DragonKnight3018d ago

You can, I have a friend who has his consoles hooked up to it and streams gameplay all the time. I believe the software to record it to your PC comes with it.

I_find_it_funny3018d ago (Edited 3018d ago )

All Gamers Want?

bullshit I dont want it, I'm not a reviewer, I dont want to be a 1000001st dude on youtube posting gameplay nobody gives a fcuk about, and I'm defiantely not one of those nolife's streaming their gampley on

all gamers my ass

InLaLaLand3018d ago

@I find it funny
I think it's useful if you do not want to play older consoles on the HDTV. I use a capture device to play PS2 games on the computer because PS2 games look horrible on the HDTV even when you use component cables (image looks sharp but still some jaggies).

kaveti66163018d ago

@ i_find_it_funny

okay, calm down.

you may not want it, but if you want to see footage for a video game you're anticipating, then you probably would want the guy posting the vid to have used this device to capture the video game footage, rather than an off-screen camera that produces a low-quality, shaky, picture of the game.

This device is good. There are a lot of gamers who post crappy videos of games. If they want to post gameplay vids, they should invest in this device.

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jriquelme_paraguay3018d ago (Edited 3018d ago )


I import one from Amazon... is awesome!

But im not using it now, because i only record my Online Matches... and i have a PS3 :(

Johnny Jiron3018d ago

All my gameplay videos here are done with this DVR at various settings. The selling point for me was no need for a strong PC. Hell I did some of those videos on a Netbook.

Of course if you plan to do some hardcore editing then you'll need a bit more power.

JsonHenry3018d ago

Why would I want this? My Win7 PC can do all of these things already..

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kyl2773018d ago (Edited 3018d ago )

Why not just get FRAPs?

Oh for console players.

mrv3213018d ago

I'm a PC gamer, but your being stupid. Graps can be a massive hog, and since PC gamers disbute the fact that PC gaming costs $1500 and claim that a $600 CAN run games very well which is true.

kyl2773018d ago (Edited 3018d ago )

As it's massive hog then why not just turn down your settings? It's not like you need crystal clear high resolution video when recording.

I'm not bashing anything, I'm just saying that surely it would be easier to turn down settings than spend £200 on a PVR.

I posted the 1st sentence then edited in the 2nd one, I wasn't trying to say "hahah console kids need a pvr herp derp pc is da best".


Don't be so quick to call troll.

mrv3213018d ago

A XBOX 360 costs $200, this PVR is also $200 and isn't even the cheapest option.

I'd prefer the record on my PS3 than PC, because let's think about this.

I want to play a game, let's say Crysis 2, I also want to run it on highest ( I mean that's the reason I got the PC )
I decide to record, with fraps I take a further FPS reduction
I also decide to encode aswell, taking an even further reduction

I just don't believe that a $600 machine could do that, $800 MAYBE. But the point I'm getting as is if the selling point is PC gaming is fraps then you should reconsider. I play PC games because the input is varied and so the games are varied. From SC2 to World of tanks.

nirosan3018d ago

I hate Fraps, I bought something called DxTory you don't need an amazing PC for that. Best part is the video comes out very good, and you get barely any frame drops.

jriquelme_paraguay3018d ago

and why you dont think before post?
oh... tr..

buckley3018d ago

Any software that streams or records from the same system that the game is being played on causes a huge performance hit. That's not a solution.

I have a Black Magic Intensity Pro capture card which is great for capturing/streaming console games, but streaming from the PC that it's installed in still hurts. So for PC footage recording and streaming, I'll go to an inexpensive separate PC box with the capture card in.

This Hauppauge PVR is basically that.

JsonHenry3018d ago

It isn't a massive hog. Not sure why everyone seems to think so.

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Linko643018d ago

These things are easy to set up and use, veyr happy with mine <3

scottyd3018d ago

no hdmi input / output? fail.

thrasherv33018d ago

Yeah, after using HDMI I refuse to go back to Component cables...

DragonKnight3018d ago

You can't record in HDMI due to HDCP. That's why there are no input/output for it.

buckley3018d ago

Agreed that HDMI output would be great, but HDCP is going to prevent from capturing HDMI input. Component is still the best option.

Sprudling3018d ago

Using a splitter you can still get HDMI from the PS3 to your TV while recording with the HD PVR.

Ve3tro3018d ago

Intensity Pro and Shuttle are better.

SpLinT3018d ago

i have the Shuttle. It craps on this HDPVR

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