Destructoid: Meet the four kings in the world of The Witcher 2 (Video)

This new trailer for The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings details the state of the world following the events of the last game. Four kings rule the land, each with their own set of unique flaws and problems. Frankly, they all come across as dickheels. Not a pleasant place to live.

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Ps_alm3k3023d ago

just tell me there is a [email protected] of sidequest, and the purchase will be complete in seconds!

BeastlyRig3023d ago

"The rep estimated Witcher 2 clocks in with 40 hours of gameplay in the main quest, and double or triple that if you take your time with its non-linear components."



not bad for an $45 GAME HUH?

Ps_alm3k3023d ago

it that case, order has been completed!

fluffydelusions3023d ago

Anyone know how long the game will be..roughly?

wumster3023d ago

i think they said 40 hrs or so.

Julie3023d ago

Main quest 40 hours they say, i am playing The Witcher for to import the save to The Witcher 2 i have 80 hours and still in chapter 4 lol , and they said the main quest here (Witcher 1) was 25 hours , The Witcher 2 will be HUGE!

pandehz3023d ago (Edited 3023d ago )

Already Pre-ordered it from

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And to top that u get to pick one free classic rpg game like divine divinity , gothic 2 n few others.

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