New Starhawk Screens Take Flight, Highlights a Couple of Environments

Earlier in the week Sony officially unveiled Dylan Jobe’s PS3 exclusive, Starhawk. Today, Sony has released a few new screens showing off a couple of environments and a close-up of a ship.

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metsgaming3024d ago

i hope there are maps that have more lively color to them. Dark maps like that are ok but there needs to be maps with some color and life to them. Hopefully we will see more vibrant maps at E3.

limewax3024d ago

Wouldn't bet on it unfortunately, I hope so but with it being based on mining planets dark and dingy kind of fits the theme.

It seems space battles are becoming less likely too :(

redDevil873024d ago

I'm sure there will be. I'd be really surprised if there weren't any conidering the game takes place on different planets. Not all of the planets in the galaxy can be dark lol.

SIX3024d ago (Edited 3024d ago )

Really nice but I really do hope we get some brighter levels like in the original. I sort of miss the old look:(

killcycle3024d ago

if anything's gonna get my mind off the downtime it's gonna be constant Starhawk updates!

mrv3213024d ago

I want a pure space map, with just aerial combat as two team fight to take down the enemy destroyer. You spawn inside the destroyer which is protected by many AA guns which you can man, this are all flak weapons. There's a couple shield generators. If you take all of these down you can begin to damage the hull in some way. Take down the right side engine the ship will list to the side. Take out the bridge and the ships repair ability will be reduce. Take out both engines the ship will stop and be down the emergency power only which means everything BUT AA will go offline. It is possible to land inside your apponents destroyer and make your way to their rift engine, causing enough damage to this and the shields protecting it will cause the rift to explode. You have 30 seconds to get yourself away from the ship.

Stewie2k83024d ago

You're reminding me a lot of Star wars battlefront 2 ;)

metsgaming3024d ago

while i was reading that i thought the same exact thing, star wars battlefront 2 is exactly what was described. Come on LUCAS ARTS where is Battlefront 3 !!!

Smokeeye1233024d ago

God, I love how people make assumptions on a short trailer and a few screen of this game.

And there are going to be Space environments, a bit of simple detective work could of told you that answer. This is straight from Dylan Jobe's twitter, (The guy behind this game)

"Lots of questions about space environments -- Does #Starhawk have them? Hell yes it does!! Just haven't showed them to the media yet :-)"

Johnny-Cash3024d ago

Dylan Jobe sad on his twitter that there will be space battles but they did not showed it to the media

Godmars2903024d ago

Now that some of the hype has worn off, I have to ask if they've only shown half the game. Like are the mutated humans just "bugs" or do they have their own equipment? If so will it be tech based or mutations.

Just imagine a something the size of an elephant that fires plasma bolts you ride as a tank.

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