My SANDtastic UNCHARTED 3 Wishlist

These might be the TOP 10 things that Naughty Dog has to do to make Uncharted 3 Game Of The Year 2011!
As E3 Closes in there is Definitely a lot of Excitement regarding this Megaton Sequel coming to PS3 exclusively this November.

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extermin8or3018d ago

seriously?? this had loads of reports fir a REASON people....

Quagmire3018d ago

Looks like it was typed up by a 12 year old.

3018d ago
shreeveera3018d ago

I hope ND Delivers the Goods when it Comes to Epic Storytelling.
Lets hope for a Huge Mind Blowing E3 Footage.
How many of you are Excited for this game?

3018d ago Replies(1)
Dead_Cell3018d ago

Was that typed with your face?

OhMyGandhi3018d ago

I'm confused.
this article must be studied.
I forgot who I am...