Re-Examining Zelda: Twilight Princess

Nintendo Life: You can tell a lot about a game from its opening scene. In the first few minutes of Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time we're shown a sweeping, first-person view of the Kokiri Forest, as Navi flies frantically to awake a hero-to-be. In Zelda: The Wind Waker we're shown, in a beautifully minimalist art style, an ancient legend of grandiose proportions. And, of course, in A Link to the Past the player is immediately thrown into a dark, stormy Hyrule on a search to find his wayward uncle.

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InLaLaLand3020d ago

I liked the horse battles, they were very fun. I liked the sand boss where you had to keep jumping wall to wall with the spinner. I still have the gamecube version.

Apocwhen3020d ago

The Gamecube version is worth quite a bit of money these days

InLaLaLand3020d ago (Edited 3020d ago )

Yeah it was hard getting a copy at the end of 2006 to 2007 due to the delays and stocks for the game, I got it around March 2007 brand new from Amazon.

I heard that's the case with Metal Gear Solid: Twin Snakes too, I saw someone selling it for £200 on amazon lol.

dragunrising3020d ago

I compared Twilight Princess too heavily to Ocarina of Time and it somewhat diminished my enjoyment of the game. Granted I put some 50+ hours into it, but after that I was done. In my opinion Twilight Princess was lacking in atmosphere. I can't really put my finger on it but in Ocarina and Majora's Mask there was a sense of foreboding evil that was omnipresent. Confrontations and the different environments you explored were frighting. Perhaps thats just my impression as a child but thats what I remember. Perhaps nostalgia can't be beat. I'll put this to the test when I buy the 3DS version of Oot.

sonicsidewinder3020d ago (Edited 3020d ago )

Thought it was a decent game, but at the same time i was starting to get a bit tired of nintendo's use of light/dark world gameplay.

Metroid Prime 2 (light/dark world, dark samus), Mario Sunshine(dark Mario) etc.

I too have the gamecube version. My bro bought it a few years later for the Wii, walked in to watch him play and literally uttered "wtf?!"

The world was mirrored. It just looked wrong lol.

mastershredder3020d ago

I could do with some more windwaker. Exploring all those islands was a blast.

By the end of twighlight princess, I really could have done without so many battles with Gannon or the cheesy ending that beat the dead horse like no dead horse has been beaten before.

dgroundwater3020d ago

Just started Majora's Mask today. From the beginning it seems to be a creepy and trippy game and I think it will be the whole way through lol.