TNL: Dragon Age II Review

TNL: The problem with sequels, especially second installments to games or movies that are revered, is that what follows rarely brings about the same euphoria as the original. Rarely do follow-up games or movies capture the same magic as the first, despite the fact that they may actually be put together better than the original was.

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NewMonday3021d ago

While I did enjoy playing this game, it did not leave a lasting impression on me. there are improvements but also setbacks.

The good:
Improved mechanics make gamplay fluent
A voiced protagonist, I don't feel like a mute now
Improved graphics

The bad:
There are many choices but they mainly concern the personality of the hero, you can't change most of the events happen without an option to change the outcome

I can't change the defense gear of the party

The skill tree smaller

Going to the same maps over and over

The ending is a start, doesn't conclude much.

I really wish DA comes back to form in the future, if BW want quick sequels it should have many developers help out like assassins creed.

As I BIG fan I hope BW at least does:

1-make choices change most events and bring back persuasion
2- make the skill system deep like DA Origins
3-much more map verity.

Lindsey3021d ago (Edited 3021d ago )

Great game! It was hated on for some dumb reasons if you ask me. If the game seems too simple for you then put it on the hardest setting and it's pretty much like Origins again.

krazykombatant3021d ago

Hmmmmm there is simply no way I will buy this until it comes with all the DLC.

Seems bioware just wanted to throw this out there and see how much money they could make..