MW3 to Have Pay and Play, Robert Bowling says NO

Just an hour ago Robert Bowling also known as Fourzerotwo replied to a person that goes by the twitter name DrakesUncharted.

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B-Real2063024d ago

They said this in there conference call last week....but I guess this will clarify for the people that don't really follow gaming news

Mr Tretton3024d ago

I'm really suprised they don't do a small online pass type of fee, but then again they don't really need it.

Considering how much they already charge for DLC though...

Whatever, Resistance 3 and Battlefield 3, that's my 2011 choice for FPS pew pew

RockmanII73024d ago

Battlefield 3, Rage, Dues Ex 3, and Halo 1 HD if it's coming out and doesn't cost $60.