DICE Is Currently Shooting Motion-Capture Sequences for Battlefield 3

Lo Wallmo and Tom Keegan are the Duo Behind the Production

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Zip3022d ago

I simply LOVE competition, and having the 2 biggest fps players going head 2 head, simply raise the bar even higher when it comes to quality.

im sure Activision wont rush this one out as they did with former titles, they simply knows how much there is on steak for them.

a08andan3022d ago (Edited 3022d ago )

stake* not steak! I am now hungry :( Damn steak, why you so tempting!?

I agreed with you btw! Competition like this is great! I do believe that Battlefield will take the crown in the end, but we will see :)

limewax3022d ago

Probably not sales wise but I do agree, BF gameplay dominates and takes more skill, for instance, Sniping on a BF game takes a lot more skill, and when you miss theres a lot less people between you and the enemy to save you

a08andan3022d ago

No I don't believe it will beat CoD sales-wise either :) But in terms of quality, then BF3 will probably take the crown^^

Zip3022d ago

lol sorry about my spelling, im danish! ironicly I have a higher business education, but my english is way off lol.

stealth500k3022d ago

its only these big budget games that can even do motion capture....

Solid Wolf3022d ago

I just hope those little 12 year old kids won't jump on the Battlefield bandwagon. :P I've had enough bad experiences online already. XP

sit down droid3022d ago

so there is gonna be a sex scene :D

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