Activision Console a Better Fit Than Apple

PCN: "I recently read an article on a fellow site. Even though I didn't like the title being about Apple working with Sony to enter the game industry, I still couldn't help myself. Within the article they state Sony is supposedly dying in the console market and needs to be bought out by Apple to develop a new console. Well lets look at the obvious alternative, and why leaving the market alone is the best idea. "

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Warprincess1163023d ago

No thxs, i don't want a new console every year.

ATiElite3023d ago

Hey Warprincess116 finally said something that i agree with...Good Job!

Apple Activision Sega and who ever else will not be entering the console market. It's too costly now a days. Apple can afford it but it goes against there whole Latte drinking Apple tax concept.

PC Sony Nintendo Microsoft are it until the whole Video Game market has some sort of revolution.

RedDead3023d ago (Edited 3023d ago )

haha, it is the truth

Quagmire3023d ago

lmfao, I usually pass over anything you have to say, but THAT deserves a bubble.

CommonSense3023d ago

you wouldn't get a new console every year. you'd get a COD system designed to last forever (since COD is always on the same engine). you'd just have to pay a huge monthly fee to use it, and you wouldn't be able to play any shooters but COD and bungie's new game. and people would buy it too.

@AtiElite: think about it man. COD makes a billion dollars a year using the current price plan. if they had their own console, that would be the only place to get the most popular shooter in the world. add in Bungie's MMO as an exclusive. activision could probably name their price.

theonlylolking3023d ago (Edited 3023d ago )

If call of duty is exclusive on activisions console then the xbox is doomed(since most COD gamers are on xbox).

Valk3023d ago

Best selling games on PS3 also kid. Hint on trolling. Make sure it doesnt apply to your console too.

ginsunuva3023d ago


Yeah but most ps3 gamers don't ONLY play cod their whole lives.

Valk3022d ago

@Ginsunuva. Uhm kid 360 has a higher install base yet they sell almost equel on both platforms. So yeah most PS3 gamers do play COD. Sales prove that. Got any facts to back up what you claim? Oh that's right you don't because all the facts point to me being right.
God you fanboys can be so retarded.

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BeastlyRig3023d ago (Edited 3023d ago )

If they made a call of duty console that only played call of duty it might sell to some idiots..

EA console would have good games imo...

Sharingan_no_Kakashi3023d ago

Apple wont enter. I have no doubt they'd get dev support but Apple is 1 of few companies that has a 100% profit rule. Can't do that in the gaming industry.

iamnsuperman3023d ago

Agree....Apple d their own thing. They want maximum profit and there is one key problem them going into gaming everyone seems to be missing. Apple revolutionised mobile gaming with their Iphone. They exploited an untouched market. Why would Apple then go into a market already owned by 3 big companies who have a lot of support. Apple is in the gaming market but in the untouched market. That is what Apple has been doing recently. If there is a lucrative hole in the market Apple will fill it but home console is not one of them

Wizziokid3023d ago (Edited 3023d ago )

i would rather buy a console from KFC than Activision

Panzerkanzler3023d ago (Edited 3023d ago )

What an utterly retarded article writer. First he claims that Apple can't afford to buy neither Sony nor the Playstation brand (in this I agree with him) but then he claims Activision would be better suited? Really? The writer doesn't seem to have any idea what he's rambling about.

I personally would never buy an Apple console/product. All companies try to create brand zombies from their consumer groups, but none like to enslave their zombies more than Apple.

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