Take Two confirms former Sony Europe employee leaked Manhunt 2 beta

After following up on available clues GamePolitics has learned that the leak came from PlayStation Europe.

Last week GP reported on a panicky Sky News piece which saw impending doom in the leak of the early PS2 build of the controversial game.

The leak itself wasn't news to the video game community, having been widely reported in September. However, its backstory was. Beyond the original cracking claim by the mysterious Team Slonik, no one was saying much about how the controversial game found its way onto the Net.

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MK_Red4017d ago

Well, piracy is bad and all but I say God bless him/her. I saw the game and it was more than awesome to see Manhunt 2 in it's full glorious uncut status.
Rating the games is GOOD. Censoring them is BAD. Pirating is also BAD but it's "eye for an eye". Still, wish Rockstar could have released the uncensored version themselves and we could buy the real game in it's real form.

TheMART4017d ago

You saw the game... As in running on your own modded PS2? ;-)

predator4017d ago

i was just about say the same thing TheMart, ha

DrPirate4017d ago

Leave it to some Sony dude to fight the man for uncensored gaming.

cooke154017d ago

the uncensored versions should be made available online :(

Sam Fisher4017d ago

y not on the next gen??? (wii is not a next gen....gamecube 2.5 with motion tracking)